Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014


So this week has been kind of all of the place! Definitely the longest week of my mission so far! It's been super slow! But still good! Sister Williams is getting better, but there are still times that we have to go back to the house cause she's in pain or exhausted, so our schedule is never very set. I've also gone out on splits with english and spanish sisters while she sleeps. Which is good, but I just want to be in my area working with all the people here! Which has also made it hard to keep people progressing cause we haven't been able to see them very much! Sonia hasn't really kept her commitments, and we only got to see her once, so I don't know what's going on there! But her granddaughter has been there and she's SO awesome! She's 12 and she reads the bible all the time and she went to church, and mutual and we just gave her a BOM. So I'm super excited about that! I love her! We have also been visiting Maria, who has been meeting with missionaries off and on for 30 YEARS! Crazy! But I really feel like we have broken through with her! I think she just needed sisters! She's so close! She's come to church a ton! There's just something that's she's not telling us! But yesterday when we visited her, it went sooo good! The Holy Ghost was TOTALLY telling me what to say to her. Oh and ps she's fluent in both spanish and english, so our lessons are in spanglish so I love it :) But oh my goodness! So we had lunch at a members houseyesterday at 2, super good and we were soo stuffed from it, then we went to visit Maria at 4 and she decided to make us dinner? We just look at eachother like oh my heck how are we going to do this! I thought I was going to explode! But of course I ate all of it cause she's our investigator! She's super sweet! But holy cow I thought I was going to blow! HAHA! But I didn't, so it's all good! Oh and Luna is SO awesome and drives us everywhere cause we still don't have a car yet, but hopefully we get one this week! We have a lot of fun though, I'm excited for you guys to meet her one day! She's hilarious and keeps me happy :)

I also realized that I don't know spanish. So that's fun. It's super frusterating and I feel like it will never come. But oh well haha it will! OH MY GOODNESS! So when we were doing OYMS the other day, I went up to talk to this guy, and he was CRAZY! I'm just this nice little pleasant girl and he's just RAGING on me about how the church isn't true, they're brainwashing me, get out while I can, Joseph Smith is an abomination, everyone has so many wives, we don't believe in Christ, just ALL this stuff that I was just standing there while he was just yelling at me for NO reason! Holy cow Satan has hold of that man! I didn't know if I should like cry or just laugh cause he was so crazy! Then Hermana Bomgard came and he was like, "I don't need to be doubled teamed on!" And she's like, "oh sir I'm just here to protect her" and he just yells, "THE ONLY THING SHE NEEDS PROTECTION FROM IS YOU!" we just get in our car and drive away and he's just yelling, "CULT CULT CULT!" HAHAHAHA we were just dying! Every time we think about it we just die laughing! He was crazy! So that was fun! But that's pretty much it! I hope everyone is doing great! Read the BOM everyday! Even if it's just one verse! It seriously is the best thing ever! LOVE IT. Have a good week! 
Hermana Nelson

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