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December 12, 2013

HEEEEY! So I´m going to write this email about the week and then reply to emails! It´s a little overwhelming with all of them! But super fun so I hope I can write everyone back! I don´t even know where to begin!! 

Everything is sooo great! I seriously love it here! I have made so many friends and everyone is sooo friendly! It´s so nice and pretty on the CCM grounds! Everywhere else is kind of sketch. But the weather is AWESOME! Love it! Never have to wear a jacket! Have fun in the snow ;) So late the night we got here, our second companion came! I didn{t even know we were going to be a threesome, but then the next day Hermana Juarez actually switched districts since she's so good at spanish she will be leaving next week! Crazy! Lucky her! So my comp now is Hermana Hamlin. She's from New Mexico and we get a long great! She's going to the California Ventura mission!!! (MADDIE AND AUSTIN) So watch out for her! I told her about ya guys! She likes sports too so we play the speed a lot with the guys in our district a lot. The first time was priceless! We kick their butts! HAHA! It's so fun! Our district is awesome! We have the perfect balance of working hard, being spiritual and having fun. Hermana Hamlin and I are the only sisters in our district. Elder Taylor is going to Riverside with me! That will be fun!
I SAW PAIGE! (Gentry's friend) I've seen her a lot actually! She's super nice and gave me good advice! I got a picture with her so I'll send that! I have a lot of pictures, but I don't really know how, so I'll try and figure it out after and put all the pictures in the same email. Anyway! Classes are good, sometimes a little frusterating cause there is just SO much information! But my spanish has actually improved a lot! Soooo glad I took it in school, otherwise I would be SO lost. I help other people! HA! (mom I know you hate it when peole say haha, but it's just so hard to, cause that's what happens ;))
YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHO IS HERE!!!! I was talking to an Elder from Lehi and we figured out he's Paige Raab's friend, then he said there's a Hermana Boley here that knows her too. I was so excited!!! Seriously right after that at lunch I saw her! I about died! SARA BOLEY! We were freaking out! So fun to talk to her! She leaves next week, and I haven't gotten a picture with her yet, but hopefully we can before she leaves! I love that she's here!
So we taught our first investigator IN SPANISH last Friday! So yeah I was freaking out! So scared! But oh my word Heavenly Father blessed me with the gift of tongues! He helped me remember things that I learned in school that I haven't thought of in forever! Such a blessing! I was able to get what I wanted across even though the grammar was awful! Hermama Hamlin only took one year, so I'm helping her. So in every lesson I pretty much take the reigns. We've taught him four times now, his name is Jonathan, and every time gets better and better. And guess what!!! Last nightwe commited him to BAPTISM! WOOO! Such a good feeling! We teach him one last time tonight!
Oh! And I gave talk in SPANISH on Sunday! They told me Saturday. I was dying. So stressed and scared, but it actually went really well! But guess what else! President Pratt and Sister Pratt just happened to be in our branch that day. OF ALL THE DAYS! But they said I did good, so oh well! Hahaha Sunday Hermana Hamlin and I also got called to Sister Training Leaders in our zone. Okay, we've been here like 3 days... we don't really know what we're doing, but we'll figure it out! Sunday was very spiritual, but it seemed kind of long cause we had like meetings and devotionals alllll day long! They were super good though! And we got to watch the Christmas devotional! Weird to see Salt Lake on the screen! Everyone says to just make it to Sunday, but serioulsy I thought the first few days were awesome! Heavenly Father has really answered my prayers, cause I haven't really been homesick! But I miss everyone a lot!
Tuesday night we had a devotional that Quentin L. Cook and his wife spoke at SO GOOD! Made me realize how awesome it is to be in the mission field at this time! It was at the Provo MTC, so I actually saw Kaylee Snow in the audience! Kind of funny! Oh a weird thing, that I have no idea what it really is, but like bomb/gun shots/fireworks are going off every two seconds here. So weird! And SO loud! Everyone in our district just says we're in the hunger games and someone just died... hahaha. So we make a lot of hunger games jokes here, it's pretty funny.
This morning we got to go to the temple! So awesome! I love the the gospel is the same everywhere we go! It's so comforting! BUT. It was in spanish... so that made things interesting! Let's just say I'm very grateful for temple workers! Anyway! Sorry this email was so long! I just feel like there was so much to say, and you know I can't hold back on any stories! All is well :) Miss and love everyone so much! Have an awesome week!
Hermana Nelson

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