Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Buenos dias! I did get the package! Thanks so much! It was a great surprise :) Sounds like you had some fun for Pioneer day! I'll have to check that park out when I get home! We had appointments set up for that whole day, but they all fell through! And then we found out that we were the only missionaries in the stake that didn't go to the activity! haha so we were super bummed cause everyone said it was really fun! But we worked hard and actually ended up finding some new people, so it was meant to be that we were there :)
Yeah! I can't believe school is starting up so soon! School starts next week here! I'm so mind blown! Summer is pretty much over! Which is hard to believe since it just keeps getting hotter! Yep, 112 on Saturday. It's fine, just sweating up a storm lately! haha We're just soooo grateful we have a car!
So some updates on everyone: Gregorio has just been ignoring us or something cause we haven't been able to see him or talk to him at all. And we've tried sooo many times this week, so he's now dropped unless we hear from him :( We had a couple of really good lessons with Antonia this week, and she's super solid, but then she just didn't come to church, and we went by before, and called her, so we have no idea what happened! We had a really good lesson with Maribel and her boyfriend Vicente, we watched the Restoration video with them and the spirit was soo strong! Everyone was tearing up! But they ended up going to a different churches baptism on Saturday/Sunday, so they didn't come to church :( But we're seeing them tonight, so we'll see what's up!
Then we're still trying to figure some other people out, but we did pick up some pretty cool people this week! We talked to this girl, Marlene, outside of her apartment, she said we could come back, and she ended up being a member! They all are except for her mom Mayra! (but they're inactive) And Mayra said the only reason why she didn't get baptized was because she was living with her boyfriend and doesn't believe in marriage. But they broke up, so yay! We started teaching her! They're really cool, but she had to work on Sunday, but she's going to try and getSunday's off now!
Then we picked up another family, who were formers, and her sister is an active member! (but lives somewhere else) Samuel and Carina! She's more into it then him, but they went to her sisters this weekend, and went to church with her! We stopped by last night, and they weren't home yet, but their daughter that we didn't even know existed was there! Her name is Vannessa, she's 15 and she's basically a dry Mormon! She's so cute! She said that she loves the church and loves young womens and has been telling her parents that she wants to go back! So we had a lesson with her and showed her some mormon messages (which made me super excited to get our ipads) and she loved them and said she was going to watch like all of them! So she's on date in August!
We picked up another former too, and he came to church yesterday, but then he dropped right after church saying he'll come back every once in a while, but that he's still just searching, going to all these different churches. Super sad. If you're still searching buddy, you're never going to find it cause this is it! So often I think members that were born in the church take it for granted that we've had the truth our entire life! I know I have! We didn't have to go through that state of confusion and darkness! I'm so grateful that I have the knowledge of the truth and now I have the blessing to share it with everyone! Even when I have to literally chase people down sometimes to talk to them. hahah Well have a great! Share the gospel with someone this week :) Love you! :)
Hermana Nelson <3

Oh! p.s., fun side note, I went on exchanges with other Hermana Nelson and it was really funny cause everyone thought we were legit sisters haha

Monday, July 21, 2014

Pictures - July 21, 2014

Kylee loves Indian food now!

Gio's Baptism 

Pollo! (Gio's Nickname)

Doing their handshake

July 21, 2014

Heeeeeey! So first, best thing of the week, GIO'S BAPTISM! Oh man it was so great! Noe, his cousin baptized him (Noe is 19 and just got baptized a month ago) So all week they were practicing how to do it haha so cute! Everything just went perfectly! It was such a great dayyesterday! I looooove hearing his answers, his prayers and his testimony! They've been through a lot, but in turn, he is so humble and mature for his age! He was just all smiles yesterday! (as was everyone else!) It's amazing to see the happiness and peace the gospel brings to people's lives! Even as a young 12 year old! But it was sad that his parents didn't even come, when we invited them to a million times. He's just awesome though! Strong testimony. Great day :)
So we've just been going through the cycle of picking people up, then figuring them out, and then dropping them. So we're still kind of in that phase with no one super solid. Gio was the only one that came to church yesterday. But we did pick up someone new that's super cool! Her name is Maribel, she's in her 20's and has two of the cutest little girls! We gave a church tour to her, and she LOVED it and was super excited to come to church, but then Saturday night they had to take her baby to the emergency room cause she was super sick. So she couldn't come to church :( hopefully next week!
Gregorio was super solid, we were seeing him everyday to help teach him and prepare him for his baptism for the 27th, but then we found out he's on probation, so we have to get that figured out, but our last lesson with him we taught the word of wisdom and he like freaked out! It was so weird! And ever since then he's dropped off the face of the earth! He hasn't answered the door or his phone! So we have no idea what's going on with him.
We had a service project this week for a family that he just got open heart surgery and it was soo fun! We did yard work! Who knew I would have fun doing yard work! But it just felt good to get down and work hard! Even though I was shocked that no one really knew how to work... so thanks for teaching how to work hard! Everyone was complimenting me on my work ethic (partially since everyone thinks I'm a girly girl and didn't think I would get dirty hahaha, but I did! When it's time to work, I WORK.) But that just shows how my parents raised me :)
Hahaha Dad, Sis. Dulong and I were laughing really hard with your paragraph about wiener dogs. I'll answer your questions. They seemed to be a little more tranquilo then Weenie. And they're not miniatures, but they're a lot skinnier haha But it was fun having them around! 
So people celebrate Pioneer day here on the Saturday after Pioneer day. And we're not really doing anything for it. Just a normal day! The stake is having a big Pioneer Day thing, but we're not going :( haha the mish life :)
Well that pretty much sums it up! Hope you have a great week! And party on Pioneer Day since I can't haha Love you!
Hermana Nelson
p.s. I got my mission call a year ago! So crazy!
p.s.s. I got indian food again. i love it :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pictures - July 14, 2014

Ice Cream with Sister Williams and her companion

Gio and his family (Gio is in the orange shirt) 
Biking It

Biking It

July 14, 2014

HOLAAA! Espero que toda esta bien con todas! It's been a good week! (like usual-being a missionary is just the best :)) We've really been prepping for Giovanni's baptism for this week! WOO WOO! We're so excited :) he's so awesome! Only 12 years old and is so humbled and wants to do what is right! It blows my mind at some of the things that he says! And not to mention that he just cracks me up all the time hahaha I love going over there and teaching him! Which! One of the days this week we had to ride the English sister's bikes over to his house cause our car was getting a new axel cause it had a recall on it? So that was fun... haha I was literally laughing the whole time cause I felt so ridiculous riding a bike in a dress with a helmet on. So humiliating! EVERYONE just watches you. And when we left Giovanni's house him and his brother and cousins were just laughing at us, taking pictures of us, recording us, oh man they loved it ha. But holy cow it was so hot we were just sweating bullets! And we had to ride up a hill and I just wanted to die! So glad we have a car :) OH! And we just found out that Gio's cousin that just got baptized last month, Noe, can baptize him! So they're all so excited about that!
That same day of the bike adventure, we had interviews with President Mullen! So weird that it wasn't with President Smart, but so good! I really like Pres. Mullen! He gave me some good advice :) And guess what else! Hermana Williams went on exchanges with Sis. Haycock, so we got to go out for some ice cream! So fun to see her! Then the next day, when we picked up our car, we got to see both Williams and Graham! Aw I just love them :) So fun seeing them!
So the first time in my life that I have ever hated soccer (okay expect for when we would have to do a lot of running in soccer) was yesterdaycause the World Cup was at the exact time that we have church! NO ONE WAS AT CHURCH! And no one wanted to come to church! So rough. It was like bigger then the Super Bowl for all these Latinos! haha But don't worry, they kept us up to date on it ;) so we had a hard time getting people to church, but we did get Omar to church, who I OYMed outside of his house a couple weeks ago, we've only taught him about the Sacrament, and didn't think he was very interested, but he came and he loved it! But his 5 year old son was getting a little ancey.. (how do you spell that?? ha) so they left early! But we're excited to see where that goes! And we were super bummed that Gregorio didn't come to church :( So now he's off date for his baptism. But we have an appointment for tomorrow! Have a great week! Love yaaa! :)
Hermana Nelson
p.s. the members that we had dinner with last night have 2 wiener dogs, so we had fun exchanging stories hahaha 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hola hola! Me voy a Corona oy :( I'm getting transferred to Corona today! Sooo many mixed feelings! I've been here for 6 months so this Perris is my home! It was so hard saying goodbye to everyone yesterday! All day we just went around saying goodbye. So hard! Oh man I'm definitely leaving part of my heart here in Perris! But that's the nice thing about serving in California, I'm going to be coming back a lot! And people will visit me :) I'm super excited about serving in Corona though! It's one of the places that I wanted to serve in before I leave! And you're not going to believe it, my new comp is Marcella Dulong! Haha! So funny! We're super excited! But it's going to be a crazy week, we're moving in with the english sisters today just til Thursday, then we're moving into our own apartment! So it's going to be a fun adventure sleeping on air mattresses for a couple nights! haha we're excited. 

BUT! Oh man we found a lot of cool people this week that I'm sad to leave behind! But I told everyone that I'll come back for their baptisms haha We taught this cute mom Dalia, and her daughter Stephanie who is 10, and first Dalia was talking about being Catholic, then when we shared the Restoration, she was tearing up, she felt the spirit for the first time, and wants to get baptized! Then her daughter (she wasn't there for the restoration lesson) read the entire Restoration Pamphlet and the then next time we came back she wanted us to quiz her on it and she remembered everything! She said it was so short and asked if we had anything longer and we're like, "UH YEAH!" Gave her a Book of Mormon and she's been reading it. SHE'S 10!!! I wish I was that cool when I was ten!

We had a special fast for Jeff yesterday where we got members involved and it was super cool! We had probably about 50 members fasting with us and Jeff, all starting and ending at the same time, with the same purpose. SO strong. Jeff is super awesome and his desire is totally there, he just needs help softening up and recognizing all of these answers. We haven't met with him since the fast, they're going tonight... :( but I know miracles will happen, because miracles always do! We found of few other cool people that I'm excited to hear about their progress! Sad to not teach them, but I know the Lord needs me in Corona now and there are people waiting there for me! 

OH! And another sad thing! We had multi-zones and said goodbye to President and Sister Smart! So sad! But I told them that when I get home I'm just going to show up on their doorstep haha so luckily they live close! Next week the New President will come around and meet everyone. But multi-zones was amazing! I learned a lot on how I can improve my teaching skills as a missionary and it pumped me up to work even harder! Time is flying and I'm really just trying to enjoy everything! 

Crazy that the Bishopric changed! They'll do so good! Guess that's just life, things are always changing! Have fun in Vegas! Probably more like the weather that we're facing here! 106. Oh man I'm roasting. And it's only going to get hotter haha yay for tan lines and sweating! :) Well have a great week! Love you! I have a lot of pictures to send again! 

Con amor, 
Hermana Nelson

Monday, July 7, 2014

Pictures - July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Buenos dias :)
Sounds like you had a great 4th of July! Geez! You would have the best one with me gone.. haha just kidding. Glad you had fun! We had some fun ourselves too! (well as much fun as you can as missionaries haha) So in the morning we got to meet our new misison President! Pres. and Sis. Mullen! They're from Oakland and they're GREAT! Still weird that the Smart's are gone, but they're going to do a really good job! And He served his mission in Chile, so he speaks spanish! So it will be fun talking to President in Spanish :) We got to know them, and had a little training with them. Super good! He said changes will happen gradually if he sees that something needs to be changed. But starting in like August or Septemember we're going to be doing more service stuff, so we're excited about that! And he said we should be getting i-pads by the end of the year! WOO! We're so pumped! It will enhance our lessons SO much!
Then we had our studies, had a meeting with our ward mission leader, Hno. Lopez, and then had like 2 hours of proselyting time. So weird! But no one was home, so it was like pointless! Literally we had zero lessons! Then we had pizza and stuff with all the sisters in Corona (8 of us), watched a little bit of 17 Miracles, then we had to be in our apartment at 7 for the rest of the night. But 2 of the English sister's live in the same complex, so we hung out with them, played skip-bo..skip-po? I don't know haha and we had fun looking through this temple book, oh man! So many things I didn't know! There's stuff in the capstone of the Salt Lake Temple! (the gray ball Captain Moroni stands on) Like the Ark of the Covenant! And other stuff!! So cool! But then we went out side and could see the fireworks from the park! So it was actually a lot of fun! We enjoyed ourselves :) But at the same time it was weird cause I didn't even feel like a missionary! But at the same time I did since we had to be back at 7.. ha
SO! Juan called us and said he can't get baptized and can't come to church anymore cause of his wife. So we just thought that maybe it was cause we're girls, so we sent the Elders over and they said that his wife (well girlfriend.. haha no one gets married I swear!) said he either needs to pick her or the church... so we'll see what happens! Super sad!
Recent converts, Noe (19), Jose (15), and Danny (15), we've been trying to teach Danny's little brother Giovanni (12) and he has never been there! The whole time we've been like "where does he go?? He's 12!!!" But we finally caught him there! And he wants to get baptized! He's just the cutest little thing! I love hearing him pray! It's just so simple and sincere! And he was like, "wait, what day am I getting baptized?" and we said, "the 20th" and he's like, "okay I'm going to write it down!" He's awesome! Super excited for him!
Then we literally had 20 people committed to come to church... and guess how many came? Just Giovanni. So we're going to be throwing down this week haha. But it's all good! They're come this next week :) Cept for the people who lied to us and gave us fake addresses and phone numbers... but that's just their loss then!
Oh and also yesterday! Sis. Dulong didn't notice, so I had no idea, that we had like NO gas yesterday! Our gas light went on and I was like uh oh! And of course we couldn't go and get gas cause it was Sunday! So we did some walking yesterday. haha lesson learned! Fill up every Saturday. Oh and no big deal, it hit 109 this week. So it's just a little hot! But it was actually kind of fun! Advertures! And made us reallllllly appreciate our car :)
Well have a great week! Love you :)
Hermana Nelson

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pictures - July 1, 2014

The Last "Family" Pictures with Crackers

Sis. Dulong and Kylee (Sis. Dulong went to MVHS too!)

Their adventures sleeping on the floor

July 1, 2014

Hola hola :) Super hard saying goodbye to everyone from Perris, but I love it here in Corona! It was kind of weird the first couple of days, but I already love it! And it's like the opposite of Perris! It's so pretty and nice here! We stayed with the english sisters a couple nights til our apartment was ready for us, which was a lot of fun, and then our first night in our apartment our mattresses didn't show up yet, so we actually slept on the floor hahah but it was so fun! We literally had a blast, but now we have mattresses so don't worry! Sis. Dulong and I are having a great time together!! It's so fun since we know the same, everything really! It's been fun, so we're really looking forward to this transfer together! And we got to work this week!
We didn't really have anyone at the beginning of the week, cause they just baptized all the investigators that they had, so we did some finding and by the end of the week, we had 8 people on date for baptism! MIRACLES! Yes 2 of them dropped us as of yesterday... and one is going to rehab so we don't really know when he will be back or anything, but hey! It's a start and we have some pretty solid people! 3 of them came to church yesterday.
Alan is one of them, he just married a member in the ward, so we're going to start teaching him. He's been to church a few times and everyone in the ward like loves him! He's super cool! The only problem is that his work schedule is crazy so we don't really know when we're going to see him this week... but we will! :)
Juan we found as we were trying to find someone else, he let us in, we set him on date, then he came to church the next day! He's awesome! We were kind of nervous though cause he kept falling asleep in Sacrament meeting... haha so we thought he was bored and wouldn't want to come back, but he stayed for all the classes, and said he really liked it, he just couldn't see or hear very well, so he said that this week is going to get hearing aids and bring his glasses! He's like in his 70's? But I guess that really shows how it doesn't matter what is said, but it's more about what you feel! He felt something different! Super cool :)
The ward here is really small, but everyone that I've met so far is so nice and so welcoming! I'm excited to get to know everyone more! I miss Perris, but it's nice to have a fresh start with things and we're just workin, workin, workin! It's great! I'm excited for all that's in store here in Corona! 

Hope ya have a great fourth of July! Sounds like you've got some fun stuff going on! President wants us in our apartments at 7 for the night, so we're going to have pizza and games with the other sisters. So that will be fun! No fire works, but hey this is like the first little party I've had, so it's going to be great! Have a great week! Love you :)