Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pictures - December 12, 2013

 Kylee met one of our cousin's friends Paige

 Mexico City CCM

 Mexico City CCM

 Outside the Mexico City Temple

 Kylee's room at the CCM

 The Mexico City CCM

 Kylee's Desk

 The Mexico City Temple

 Mexico City 

 Mexico City 

December 4, 2013

I'M ALIVE!!!! So Josephine (Hermana Juarez) I actually sat next to on the plane AND she's going to Riverside! WOO WOO! But she's only going to be here for 2 weeks cause she's good at spanish. She grew up with it! (But she's not latino) She's super nice! She's from Provo and went to BYU. She's 21!

When we got off the plane in Dallas, we met with 2 other sisters and 4 other elders. They are all really great and we get along awesome! So we all stayed together and got to know each other. Hermana Day from grandma's ward is here! She's nice! The other sister asked me what school I went to, I said Mountain View and she said she recognizes me from soccer! Kind of funny! She went to Murray! I don't remember her though... We became instant friends and are going to play a lot of soccer here together! 

When we got into Mexico City, holy cow! It's crazy here! The drivers are NUTS but its really cool/ghetto/pretty/scary.... just everything! I feel a lot safer here at the CCM. So far all is well and I'm alive so I guess that's a plus! OH! And Hermana Juarez and I are companions! So I'm super excited about that! Well there's a lot more I have to do in the registration process, so I guess this is adios for now! I think my p-day is tomorrow actually, so I guess you'll hear from me again! 

I'm super excited and ready to get in everything! Love you all! :)

Hermana Nelson