Friday, January 3, 2014

December 26, 2013

Surprisingly, I actually kind of missed the snow! Just for Christmas though! But Christmas was seriously soo good! They treated us really well! We had a Devtional that was trasmitted from Provo with Elder Bednar speaking. It was amazing! He just had people ask him questions by texting and emailing them in, so missionaries from everywhere could ask! It was so good! His answers seriously blew me away! We sang sooo much yesterdaythough that by the end of the night we were all so sick of the Christmas songs. It was fun though! It sounds like you guys had fun! Good to hear! But nothing is ever as fun if I'm not there ;)
So lets see, my spanish is really coming along! The Lord has TOTALLY blessed me with the gift of tongues. Hermana Hamlin is still struggling, but is improving! We're getting there! Hopefully soon, she will be able to participate more in our lessons. We got a new investigator and hes a lot harder to understand then the other ones we've had. And he talks really fast. So I really  have to concentrate, but I get most of what he's saying.
Oh I just randomly thought ot this, cause I've been meaning to say this, but they have nutella here!! haha! So you know what I have a lot! Es muy bueno :)
Anyway! So the only other thing that happened this past week was that I got sick... ha... I'm not telling you this to worry you, cause I'm totally fine! But just to share what I learned! So we were just all super confused cause I'm taking really good care of myself, I eat really good, I take my pills and vitamins everyday, which is a confirmation that all of this just happened because the Lord wanted me to learn a few things! So don't worry, I was in the Lord's hands this entire time, so I'm good :)
So Friday I was having stomach pains, felt really sick, so I finally gave in and went to the clinic here: The doctor was a doctor in Gunnison named Dr. Christensen, did you ever call on him Dad? He's super nice and so is his wife, so now they're my buds haha. So he gave me some medicine, but it just made me feel worse. Saturday the elders in my district gave me a blessing. They're seriously the best. The whole time they were so worried about me and helped me so much. I went to the clinic again, gave me more medicine, made me worse. We just stayed at the casa while I was super sick. It was awful. I kept getting worse, so we went back again and he ended up giving me and IV which helped so much! Sunday we stayed home still, but I was improving. The branch Pres and Elder Taylor and Mora brought us the sacrament. The elders fasted for me ALL day Sunday. They're crazy. But so nice! By Monday I was better and now I'm totally fine! So don't worry!
But this is what I learned from all that: He's really taking away my stubborness! You know I hate relying on others, but I just had to give in and ask for help from others, and from Him. There was a moment when I realized, wow, he felt this. And if it wasn't easy for him, it's not going to be easy for me! Then on Friday I started getting a little better, I thought, wow this great, then got sicker, and I was so hurt and confused: Then I learned something I've never thought f before. What if that's how the Savior feels when we make the same mistakes again. He already suffered for it once for us, then you make him do it again. And trust me, it doesn't feel good. It really changed my perspective of the atonement and becoming more like God.
God blesses His missionaries, in a way, more then others who aren't set apart to be a missionary, but he still allows things to happen because he can see the big picture and knows that it will benefit them. Looking back on really everything in my life when something hard has happened, I've learned something from them. Something that I couldn't have possibly learned any other way. And that's exactly what this earth life is all about! So for that reason, I'm grateful. And I'm grateful that through it all, the Lord never left my side.
So anyway! All is well again and the Lord is just refinging me to the person He wants me to become :) I hope everyone is doing great and had a great Christmas! Love you all!
Hermana Nelson

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