Monday, May 19, 2014

Pictures - May 19, 2014

At the temple w/ Sis. Hill

View from our favorite spot to run to (this is the only nice part of Perris)

Our big rock :)

Our big rock :)

Oscar, Sara Luz, Sara, Yaxuri, Sarahi and baby :)

 Member family Murillos

Susana and Luna

Member Huerta family (they sang us a song yesterday at dinner, it was super cute)

Ernesto's baptism

Ernesto's baptism

May 19, 2014

HEY! Right?? I love D&C 84:88. SUCH a special promise that He and His angels are always with us! So don't worry! I have the best kind of protection :) And thanks for all your prayers! They must be working cause this week has been really great! So I'm just going to go in order so this email won't be all over the place. A lot to say this week! So we went to the temple Tuesday, and of COURSE it was AMAZING. There's no better place in the world then the temple :) I can't wait til I can go every week again! So great! Bishop's wife, Sister Hill took us, so that was super fun! (pictures attached-I have LOTS of pictures to send today) Then, fun little side note- there's a CafĂ© Rio in Redlands, so we went there and it was SUPER good. Totally not Mexican food, but I've missed my pork salad ;)

So Norma hasn't drank since Tuesday! So that's a miracle! She's doing a lot better! BUT. She has been working a ton, so we've only been able to talk to her on the phone this week! (but everyday-daily contact ;)) And she didn't come to church yesterday... so we'll find out what happened tonight, but she's definitely improving!

Sarahi and her family are progressing too! We had a really great lesson with them and they said they know it's true and want to get baptized, they just want to feel ready. But Sarahi still thinks Yaxuri is too young.. so we'll work on that! And we need to get Sarahi and Sergio married. But they LOVE coming to church! And Sara (the oldest daughter) LOVES young women's and all the young women are doing an awesome job fellowshipping her in! And Yarany is like her best friend! It's great! Our RC is doing missionary work :) It's helping her a lot. They all still have A LOT on their plate and have a really tough life, but I can already see how the gospel is changing them and making them so much happier! It's only a matter of time! They're great! Yaxuri is the cutest and always draws me pictures, says we're best friends and teaches me all these little games, she's so funny. She's 9. We're going over on Wednesday for a cleaning service project, so that will be fun! And interesting cause they have like 10 cats and a couple dogs that live in their house (pic included of their family as well).

So we got transfer calls Saturday! Sis. Graham is leaving! She's going to Riverside to be an STL with Sis. Williams! So that's super funny! My comps are going to be comps! And weird that all my comps turn into STL's haha But I'm staying here! YEAH! Everyone thought I was going to be leaving! And so did I! But I'm so glad I'm staying! This is my home! I just want to stay here my whole mission :) So we said goodbye to a lot of people this weekend for Sis. Graham. So sad! I don't know how I'm going to say goodbye to people! Sis. Schmidt is going to be my new comp! Haven't met her yet, and no one knows much about her cause she was in Chile on her mission, but cause of health stuff got sent home, and now she's in our mission! She came here like 2 transfers ago? I'm not sure! I'll let you know more next week! But I'm sooo sad Graham and I are being split up! We are so alike that we got along SUPER well! It's going to be sooo hard to say goodbye to her today!

But!!!! ERNESTO GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY! (had to save the best news for last right?)  Such an amazing way to end the transfer! He has so much faith and desire to follow Christ! He's grown so much! That's definitely the best thing about being a missionary! Watching people's lives change and watching them get that light! Aw :) I love it :) And now we're going to start teaching his wife and kids so they can all go to the temple together :)

Well that's pretty much it! Sorry for the SUPER long email! But have a great week :) Love you! And here comes the baaaagilllion pics :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 12, 2015

Holaaaa :) So fun to talk to everyone yesterday! Yeah we had a little primary program in our ward too, and for some reason the kids just stay up on the stand the whole time, even though they only sing one song, so it's pretty entertaining to watch them the whole time. And then they gave everyone flowers, and then during relief society all the primary came in and sang another song, then gave everyone candy. So it was pretty fun! All the mothers really enjoyed it! I hope everyone back home had a great Mother's day!

Not a lot has happened in the that I talked to you, but I guess for the sake of everyone else that will read this, I tell about our week :) sooo Ernesto's baptism fell through for yesterday. He had his interview and failed it... which was super weird cause we've gone through the interview with him twice, but when he did it with the Elders he like changed his answers? So he's been lying to us... so we need to figure all that out this week! The hope is for next Sunday!

Norma had a rough week, didn't want to see us, and was hiding from us, but when we finally got to see her Saturday she was super drunk, but said she would come to church, but then didn't. So we went over after and she broke down and is now more solid about baptism then she ever has been. The big thing is just staying strong with the word of wisdom! So we're going to get her another blessing this week, and keep following up with her everyday. She knows everything, she just has to overcome this! And she definitely can as long as she relies on the Lord!

Sarahi and her family came to church again, they all love church! It's great! They know it's all true, they're just super hesitant on baptism right way. And then there's the whole thing that Sarahi and Sergio aren't married... But we're working with them and they'll come around!

We had a couple cool little miracles this week! One of my OYM's I just invited to church, and he came! And he's in our area, we haven't taught him at all, and he was feeling sick yesterday, and he still came! So that was pretty amazing! Good thing I still remembered what he looked like since I had only met him that one time!  So we're excited about that! The other one is we were trying to find a referral, we went to their house, and they didn't live there, but the number was right so it was really weird! But the people that did live there let us in for a Harvest Blessing and they were super cool! They thought it was the coolest thing that we're missionaries and then said that it was a miracle cause their gate is ALWAYS locked and we were able to get in! So even though there's a lot of obstacles to overcome in the area right now, we're still being blessed with miracles everyday, no matter how big or small they are :)

Last week of the transfer! So crazy! Everyone thinks I'm leaving :( nooo! but I'll go wherever the Lord needs me! I just love being a missionary:) It's the best :) Have a great week!

Hermana Nelson :)

ps be jealous that I get to go to the temple tomorrow! Woo woo :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 5, 2014


Thanks so much for all your prayers! They worked! Everyone is doing  A LOT better! And we had the very unexpected miracle of Ernesto getting baptized this week! "Hey Erensto, do you want to get baptized next week?" "Yes." (but in Spanish of course) ONE WEEK NOTICE! MIRACLE! We thought we were going to be dropping him, but then all that happened in one day and it was amazing! And we really only see him on Saturdays cause of his crazy work schedule (Ramiro round two) so we just taught him a BUNCH of stuff in that one sitting to prepare him for his baptism! It was pretty cool! Norma is in Disneyland right now.. so we haven't seen her in a few days, but she's on date for next week too! So Sunday is going to be a great day! I'll get to Skype you guys probably around 7pm ish... I'll call before so we can get everything set up :)

But, we still don't know what's going on with Jesus. Apparently he's gone back east again? That's what his step-dad told us? We have no idea. His phone has been disconnected. So basically he has fallen off the face of the earth! No idea! But we'll keep trying! Pray for a MIRACLE!

Everything else this week has been good! We've figured a lot of people out! I'm trying to think if I have a funny story this week, but I can't think of anything! Weird! But I do have another miracle story! We had 6 member present lessons IN ONE DAY! It was incredible! Like it's so hard getting people in the Spanish ward to come to lessons with  us, but Heavenly Father proved a way! So we went on splits 2 different times in one day! It was SWEET! Well That's pretty much it! Have a great week :) can't wait to talk to you Sunday! Love you!

Hermana Nelson

Clarify... I realized that sounded like Ernesto already got baptized... haha he didn't, he's getting baptized on the 11th :)