Monday, March 31, 2014

Pictures - March 31, 2014

Sister Williams, Kylee, Yarany, and Sister Graham at Yarany's Baptism

Yarany's Baptism - March 29, 2014

Yarany's Baptism

Kylee, Yarany, and Sister Graham 

Ramiro's Baptism - March 29, 2014

Ramiro's Baptism 

Kylee, Ramiro, and Sister Graham 

Kylee, Ramiro, and Sister Graham 

The Lake near Perris, California

Visiting the Beach at the Lake

Kylee at the Lake

Kylee at the Lake

Shells at the Beach

March 31, 2014

HEY! Yeah so there was an earthquake that was felt here and to LA! So it was a pretty big one! But guess what! I DIDN'T FEEL A THING! Which I was actually kind of bummed cause I've never been in an earthquake, so I want to know what it feels like! Everyone tells me I'm crazy, but I'm sure I'll have another experience with one here in So-Cal. I'm pretty sure we driving when it happened, so maybe that's why we didn't feel it? I don't even know! HAHA and that made me laugh that mom and Ariel got hit by sports balls. That's funny. Exciting stuff ;)

SO! This week was the best ever! It was all baptism prep for Saturday! Ramiro couldn't do the 2 o'clock baptism, so luckily Bishop let us do 2 in the same day! So basically Saturday was like a missionary's dream come true! We set up for the baptisms, had Yarany's, then went to the women's conference (and had in and out for dinner-YUM haven't had that in ages), then went back for Ramiro's baptism! That was my WHOLE day! What could be better right??

Both services went SO perfect! We sang Cuando Me Bautice with Elder Beeston playing the uke for Yarany's baptism which was super fun! Aw she's just the cutest! She was just beaming! OH! And Sister Williams got to come to it! So that was fun to see her! My face hurt so bad Saturdaythough cause I was just smiling and crying like all day! Good problem to have though right? The Women's conference was SO GOOD! If anyone didn't get to see it, YOU HAVE TO. Soooo good! Graham, Luna and I were just cryin the whole time! haha I'm pretty sure most people were! Then Ramiro's baptism was awesome as well! When he was in the water I was so unreal! Like what?! Little Ramiro is FINALLY getting baptized??? So amazing :) Words really can't even describe how it feels to watch baptisms. The Lord has blessed us sooo much!
Then yesterday they got confirmed! And get this, Yarany is just barely a member of the church and she came out to teach with us yesterday! She's so awesome!

Then today we had a little fun of our own! We went to the lake! Who knew ghetto Perris had a like right?? I was super curious! So we went on the beach :) It was actually really fun! So I have LOTS of pictures to send today which will probably be in multiple emails! But YEAH! Super good week! And this week in Conference! WOO WOO! Never been so pumped for Conference before in my life! Mission life changes ya that way ;) But it's also transfer weekend too! Graham and I are stressin! We want to stay together so bad! Fingers crossed! Well anyway! Have the best week:) Love you!

Hermana Nelson :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pictures - March 24, 2014

Hermana Nelson and Hermana Graham with Yranny After She Decided to be Baptized

Hermana Nelson and Hermana Graham with Yranny After She Decided to be Baptized

The Dirt/Farm Part of Kylee's Area 

Kylee's Car Looking Out of Place

Walking Down a Dirt Road

March 24, 2014

Oh it was for parent's day! That sounds like fun! Really is a small world! I have realized the same thing every time I hear the youth here speak and even the missionaries that I'm like wow how do you know so much?? I don't think I count in that pool yet ;) still studying hard!

THIS WEEK WAS SO AMAZING! Miracle after miracle! So... YRANNY IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY! We went to one of the Elder's baptisms and brought Yranny, the had a lesson with her after and the spirit was SO strong! We had the impression to move up her date and she was all for it! AHH! We were all crying and so happy! We took pictures after to remember the moment! She's amazing! And is seriously going to be friends forever :) We're already planning trips to see each other :) She wanted us to go home with her and tell her parents with her right then, which was scary! We had no idea what they were going to say! But we followed the spirit, and it went well! They said they think she's rushing things, but of course they're going to support her with anything she does! And I know they'll soon follow her example :) SO EXCITED! And she called her uncle Josue, who just got back from his mission a couple months ago to ask him if he wanted to baptize her, and when he asked when it was, he said, "Wow, I had a feeling to ask for Saturday off and I didn't know why, but now I know!"

Ramiro was at a family reunion this weekend, so I feel like we haven't seen him forever! But we're seeing him tonight and getting everything squared away for him this Saturday too! AH! This Saturday is going to be the best day ever! Everything is going great here! We're REALLY being blessed! And can't believe this week is week 5 of the transfer! Sis. Graham and I are really hoping and praying that we're together at least one more transfer! Well! Have a good week! :) Love you!

Hermana Nelson

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hola:) :) I did get to see Saratov Approach before I left! Super good right? I did have a slight fear of being kidnapped for like a week, but I got over it. HAHA mom you don't have to worry, I'm not going to get kidnapped. There have been a few times when I haven't felt good about going somewhere or seeing someone at that moment and we haven't gone, so don't worry, we're letting Heavenly Father guide us :)

We had Multi-zones with Lake Elisnore Tuesday and it was AWESOME! Just what we needed to get all pumped up again! I LOVE President and Sis. Smart! I learn so much from them every time they talk! So sad this is the one and only Multi-zone I'll have with them! A ward made us lunch inbetween trainings, and then to say thank you we all stood and recited "The Standard of Truth" and then sang Army of Helaman. Oh man the spirit was so strong and I just looked around and was just taken back! Like I'm a missionary? WHAT? haha I'm just over there crying, it's fine ;) All the ladies from the ward were too haha I guess all the other missionaries are used to doing that, but it was my first time so it just struck me I guess!

So we had a hard time seeing Ramiro this week because of this INSANE work schedule, but when we finally did, we talked about his baptism foryesterday, and he kept saying it was too fast, and was looking at the calendar and picked May 10th to be baptized MAY 10TH! Oh goodness. And guess why he picked it? It's his birthday hahaha oh Ramiro! After a very long talk, lots of scriptures and bold testimonies he eventually picked March 29th! And it's super solid now! He wrote it in pen on his calendar so I was like, "Ramiro! It's in pen! You can't change it now!" And he just laughed. I love Ramiro. It really is happening though! I'm so PUMPED.

We had an AWESOME lesson with the Ferla family, we watched the Restoration video then basically told them that the spirit, the peace they feel is their answer that it's true and used D&C 6 with it. It was perfect! The Spirit was SO STRONG. They totally got their answer! BUT they didn't come to church yesterday! UH. Sometimes I want to take people's agency away! HAHA just kidding. Kind of :) But actually the daughter, Yranny did come! So that was great! She saved the rest of the family from being dropped. But it's getting to the point where we don't know what to do for them anymore. The worst part is they went to their old church. I don't know. We're seeing them tonight.

Well have a great! All is well in Perris! No more popped tires or anything ;) Love you!
Hermana Nelson

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hola from the hood of Perris!

That's so awesome Connor has been helping with the sacrament! One day he'll be more then ready to bless it :) Oh goodness. Weenie and his medications. Most spoiled dog ever. Have fun at that horse thing! Sounds like it would be a fun change! I can't even imagine what it would be like! You'll have to give me all the detes about it!

This week was a weird one! But super good! We've been doing a lot of finding! So we were trying to go see this former, and turns out part of our area is in kind of the mountains? But they're not really mountains. And everything is super dry here that its just like dirt. SO we've had a lot of adventures with Fernando (our car) this week! Dirt roads, horses, shacks for homes, I'm like what the! Am I still in Cali? I should take a picture of up there. We had a miracle when we were there though! We spent like a half an hour trying to find this house, we FINALLY found it after literally HIKING and they weren't there! We were like oh goodness that was a waste of time. Little did we know Heavenly Father had a plan for us! (He always does) Their "neighbor" was outside and we ended up giving a harvest blessing with them! She said she needs help from God with everything in her life now. So we knew that's where we needed to be!

Another miracle, we've been able to teach Ramiro 4 TIMES THIS WEEK! Like you don't understand how big of a miracle that is! AND GUESS WHAT! He had his baptismal interview yesterday and PASSED! Every time I think about him I just get so happy! He's the best! He has totally changed! I can just see the happiness the gospel brings him just in his face! It's so great :)

So other adventure of the week! We left our car in a neighborhood and Luna drove us and came with us to our appointment. We leave come out of our appointment and had a flat tire! We were like oh great! So Luna has AAA so they came and put a new tire on hers, then we went back to our car, get in and it says "low tire pressure" I was like you have got to be kidding me! And my now it was already 9 o'clock and we needed to get home! Yep. The tire was flat! We were like no way! Like there is now way our brand new car can have a flat tire! So long story short, turns out someone popped our tire and Lunas! (they were in the same neighborhood) Like really people? Oh ghetto Perris! haha always adventures!

Everything else is going good! Just workin tons and ALWAYS super tired cause of it! Oh! And we had a brand new family we just met Saturday come to church yesterday! LIKE WHAT? That never happens! Super cool :) Have a great week!
Love Hermana Nelson

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

That's so crazy/funny about the fire thing in the church! Makes for an interesting Sunday! Yeah it's so crazy how things are so inspired with transfers! It's been an awesome week! Sis. Graham and I get a long sooo well! I feel like we've known each other forever! She's super sweet and brings out the best in me! And we're just super alike so we have a lot of fun! And man oh man do we do WORK! We have been SOOOO exhausted this week cause we have been working SOOO hard! It's been great! Every night we just die on our beds! BUT! The work paid off! THE FERLA'S CAME TO CHURCH! Like MIRACLE! We were soooo happy! OH MAN was I happy! I love their family so much! We have FHE with them tonight, so I'm excited for that!
AND! Ramiro came again, it's his 4th Sunday in a row? Boss. But he's always kind of laughed when we bring up baptism and try and set him on date. But we made BIG progress with him and he agreed to keeping the law of chastity and the word of wisdom! We're going to take him some Pero and hot chocolate to replace his daily coffee for him today :) AND! We talked more about baptism it's looking like it's going to be in a couple weeks! It's just super hard cause of his work schedule that we can only meet with him twice a week, but it's happening! I'm so excited for him! He's super funny!
So it's been super rainy this week! Which is good cause we need it! But it makes OYM's in the parking lots very interesting! Just imagine us running around Rio Ranch Market parking lot, pouring, windy, in my little coat and skirt trying to talk to people about Jesus. HAHA. People just think we're crazy! But I mean we're talking about people's salvation here! So it's MEGA important. So yeah I'm going to be running around in the rain! Sis. Graham and I just got back in the car and laughed! We were soaked and freezing! But thank goodness for a car! ANYWAY! Super great week! Hope everyone is doing great!
Hermana Nelson :)
ps I got the Christmas letters from the ward and the Christmas letters you guys sent too! HA. Only 3 months late! But hey! They found me!