Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20, 2014

What a crazy week! Cali is great! I love it here! I'm serving in Perris, in the Tres Lagos ward. My companion is Hermana Williams and she's 6' 1" so I basically look like a midget next to her. I'll send a picture! Everyone thinks it's really funny. She's awesome! She reminds me of a mix of Megan Harmon and Bonnie Reid. It's so funny! I also saw Hermana Luccion, Dulong and Juarez! So that was super fun! We're staying at a home share with a member that is English speaking. Her name is Kristi and she is the sweetest! Her house is like brand new, so it's super nice! I really like it there! Feels more like home and it's really clean so I love it! 

So! Not only did we get doubled in, but we also opened up a brand new area! Which apparently is super hard, but I don't really know any different, so it's been good! We literally had to start from scratch! We had a brand new area book, a new phone with no contacts, it was crazy! So for the first couple days we were just trying to figure things out. But we've been teaching people and it's been so good! We have like 5 investigators now? The first time we taught Sonia I could tell right away that she is so ready to have the gospel in her life. I invited her to be baptized the second lesson and she said yes! WOO WOO! We set her date for Feb. 9th, so we're just working to prepare her for that! My spanish is.. coming haha but everyone just thinks I'm really cute cause I'm so little and just stare at them confused. So they love me ;) 

And oh my goodness, the members here are AWESOME! We get fed every night! They're so nice! And Luna has been helping us so much with finding people, introducing us to people in the ward, and feeding us. She's so awesome! I love her so much! And she speaks more English then Spanish, so we can actually talk! She cracks me up. 

Oh thanks for the packages! So great! I dyed maaa herrrr so it looks a lot better. I'm cutting Hermana Williams hair today, so I'm excited :) Just make sure when you send future packages send it using USPS so they can just forward it to wherever I'm living. Send all letters and packages to this address:
Hermana Kylee Marie Nelson
California Riverside Mission
5900 Grand Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504
Also make sure you put my first name cause there's another sister Nelson here! 

Also! The family knows this, but everyone else doesn't, so we got in a car accident yesterday! Pretty crazy stuff! First car accident, and first ambulance ride! So that was fun! We were having a recent convert follow us to stake conference, then we had to make a U-turn cause we were going the wrong way, so we pull off to the side (Sister Williams was driving) go to flip around, I yell, "CAR!" And BAM. They hit the drivers door going about 40 miles an hour. It was the weirdest feeling ever cause I knew it was going to happen, but there was nothing I could do about it. It was crazy! We just sat there for a minute collecting ourselves and I couldn't breathe it was so weird! Finally I realized we needed to get working on things, so I took the "what to do if you're in an accident" packet and got out and started getting people's info. Our zone and district leaders came, and so did a bunch of other Elders. So they took care of everything while the ambulance took us to the hospital. President Smart came and Luna came. We were there for like 5 hours? Sister Williams broke her clavicle, so she has a brace on and I have to basically do everything for her now. I have to dress her, do her hair, seat belt her in, carry her stuff, etc etc. Great service opportunity right?? I'm good though! I can't remember exactly what happened or what I hit, but I'm pretty sore today, I have a few bruises, but I'm just taking meds for the pain. ALL IS WELL! But hey, at least I got to call the fam! It was so nice to talk to everyone! 

But anyway! Quite the exciting week! Nothing is ever boring with me around thought right? ;) I love being a missionary though! It's seriously the best! And once I get spanish done, it will be even better! Hope everyone is doing great! 

Hermana Nelson

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