Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Buenos dias! I did get the package! Thanks so much! It was a great surprise :) Sounds like you had some fun for Pioneer day! I'll have to check that park out when I get home! We had appointments set up for that whole day, but they all fell through! And then we found out that we were the only missionaries in the stake that didn't go to the activity! haha so we were super bummed cause everyone said it was really fun! But we worked hard and actually ended up finding some new people, so it was meant to be that we were there :)
Yeah! I can't believe school is starting up so soon! School starts next week here! I'm so mind blown! Summer is pretty much over! Which is hard to believe since it just keeps getting hotter! Yep, 112 on Saturday. It's fine, just sweating up a storm lately! haha We're just soooo grateful we have a car!
So some updates on everyone: Gregorio has just been ignoring us or something cause we haven't been able to see him or talk to him at all. And we've tried sooo many times this week, so he's now dropped unless we hear from him :( We had a couple of really good lessons with Antonia this week, and she's super solid, but then she just didn't come to church, and we went by before, and called her, so we have no idea what happened! We had a really good lesson with Maribel and her boyfriend Vicente, we watched the Restoration video with them and the spirit was soo strong! Everyone was tearing up! But they ended up going to a different churches baptism on Saturday/Sunday, so they didn't come to church :( But we're seeing them tonight, so we'll see what's up!
Then we're still trying to figure some other people out, but we did pick up some pretty cool people this week! We talked to this girl, Marlene, outside of her apartment, she said we could come back, and she ended up being a member! They all are except for her mom Mayra! (but they're inactive) And Mayra said the only reason why she didn't get baptized was because she was living with her boyfriend and doesn't believe in marriage. But they broke up, so yay! We started teaching her! They're really cool, but she had to work on Sunday, but she's going to try and getSunday's off now!
Then we picked up another family, who were formers, and her sister is an active member! (but lives somewhere else) Samuel and Carina! She's more into it then him, but they went to her sisters this weekend, and went to church with her! We stopped by last night, and they weren't home yet, but their daughter that we didn't even know existed was there! Her name is Vannessa, she's 15 and she's basically a dry Mormon! She's so cute! She said that she loves the church and loves young womens and has been telling her parents that she wants to go back! So we had a lesson with her and showed her some mormon messages (which made me super excited to get our ipads) and she loved them and said she was going to watch like all of them! So she's on date in August!
We picked up another former too, and he came to church yesterday, but then he dropped right after church saying he'll come back every once in a while, but that he's still just searching, going to all these different churches. Super sad. If you're still searching buddy, you're never going to find it cause this is it! So often I think members that were born in the church take it for granted that we've had the truth our entire life! I know I have! We didn't have to go through that state of confusion and darkness! I'm so grateful that I have the knowledge of the truth and now I have the blessing to share it with everyone! Even when I have to literally chase people down sometimes to talk to them. hahah Well have a great! Share the gospel with someone this week :) Love you! :)
Hermana Nelson <3

Oh! p.s., fun side note, I went on exchanges with other Hermana Nelson and it was really funny cause everyone thought we were legit sisters haha

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