Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Buenas Tardes! Lo siento de que este mensage es un pocito tarde! (Good afternoon! Sorry that this message is a little late!) And it's because we've had a SUPER fun day today haha probably the most fun p-day I've ever had! So President Mullen challenged the whole mission to do a cross-fit workout with him to see who could keep up with him, so almost everyone in the mission this morning went! It was so fun! And holy cow I'm out of shape! But I did all of it! And Pres. Mullen is in super good shape! But it was fun seeing everyone! I got to say goodbye to Williams! She leaves in a week I can't believe it! And I got to see Graham too! (twice this week actually cause I randomly saw her in the celestial room at the temple this week!) So super fun! Then we went shopping at the mall in Riverside AND went to Cheesecake Factory AND went to Salon Centric! So we've had a fun day! ha :)

But this week was super awesome too! We picked up more people! We were seriously expecting like 20 people to come to church this week! We were so excited. And only one came... BUT his name is Alex and he is super solid! Everything just clicks with him! He accepted a baptism date right away and lets us teach him like everyday! It's awesome! We actually just had a lesson with him last night, outside, and out of no where it just DOWNPOURED! Oh man it was so funny! It hasn't rained for so long! So that was exciting! His baptism date is for the 24th! We're really excited about him! He's elect for sure, so thanks for all the prayers! We also picked up a whole family! 6 people! I've never taught that big of a family before! So I'm excited about that too! We have a lot of potential in our area! But we're so sad that it's the end of the transfer, since we most likely will be split! And Dulong had a dream that we were going to get doubled out, so hopefully that doesn't happen! I want to stay here for at least another 2 transfers :)

We've just been seeing miracles all over the place! Last night, we just randomly found Consuelo again! It's been like a month! She gave us an incomplete address before (we used to teach her at the place where she babysits kids, but now she doesn't work there) and she doesn't have a phone, so we literally had no way to contact her! MIRACLE! But super hard cause we're only going to be able to see her once a week! But, it happened for a reason, so we'll work with it!

Other awesome things that happened this week: we went to the temple! YAY! I'm so grateful we get to go to the temple every other transfer! Such a blessing! An even bigger blessing to live in Utah to have sooo many temple around! Definitely miss that! I'm probably going to be going to the temple like everyday when I get back haha so everyone should take advantage of living in Utah for sure! Also! Luna came and visited me! So fun! We went to Yogurtland :)

I challenge you, and everyone to look for miracles that happen everyday, cause there are always tons! When we look for them, we can see them, and when we can see them, we have more of that spirit of gratitude, and when we have the spirit of gratitude, we are happy :) It's the best! Well have a fabulous week! :) Sure do love ya!

Hermana Nelson

p.s. dad, I really wanted to know about the water heater... hahaha so random

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