Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Buenos dias :)
Sounds like you had a great 4th of July! Geez! You would have the best one with me gone.. haha just kidding. Glad you had fun! We had some fun ourselves too! (well as much fun as you can as missionaries haha) So in the morning we got to meet our new misison President! Pres. and Sis. Mullen! They're from Oakland and they're GREAT! Still weird that the Smart's are gone, but they're going to do a really good job! And He served his mission in Chile, so he speaks spanish! So it will be fun talking to President in Spanish :) We got to know them, and had a little training with them. Super good! He said changes will happen gradually if he sees that something needs to be changed. But starting in like August or Septemember we're going to be doing more service stuff, so we're excited about that! And he said we should be getting i-pads by the end of the year! WOO! We're so pumped! It will enhance our lessons SO much!
Then we had our studies, had a meeting with our ward mission leader, Hno. Lopez, and then had like 2 hours of proselyting time. So weird! But no one was home, so it was like pointless! Literally we had zero lessons! Then we had pizza and stuff with all the sisters in Corona (8 of us), watched a little bit of 17 Miracles, then we had to be in our apartment at 7 for the rest of the night. But 2 of the English sister's live in the same complex, so we hung out with them, played skip-bo..skip-po? I don't know haha and we had fun looking through this temple book, oh man! So many things I didn't know! There's stuff in the capstone of the Salt Lake Temple! (the gray ball Captain Moroni stands on) Like the Ark of the Covenant! And other stuff!! So cool! But then we went out side and could see the fireworks from the park! So it was actually a lot of fun! We enjoyed ourselves :) But at the same time it was weird cause I didn't even feel like a missionary! But at the same time I did since we had to be back at 7.. ha
SO! Juan called us and said he can't get baptized and can't come to church anymore cause of his wife. So we just thought that maybe it was cause we're girls, so we sent the Elders over and they said that his wife (well girlfriend.. haha no one gets married I swear!) said he either needs to pick her or the church... so we'll see what happens! Super sad!
Recent converts, Noe (19), Jose (15), and Danny (15), we've been trying to teach Danny's little brother Giovanni (12) and he has never been there! The whole time we've been like "where does he go?? He's 12!!!" But we finally caught him there! And he wants to get baptized! He's just the cutest little thing! I love hearing him pray! It's just so simple and sincere! And he was like, "wait, what day am I getting baptized?" and we said, "the 20th" and he's like, "okay I'm going to write it down!" He's awesome! Super excited for him!
Then we literally had 20 people committed to come to church... and guess how many came? Just Giovanni. So we're going to be throwing down this week haha. But it's all good! They're come this next week :) Cept for the people who lied to us and gave us fake addresses and phone numbers... but that's just their loss then!
Oh and also yesterday! Sis. Dulong didn't notice, so I had no idea, that we had like NO gas yesterday! Our gas light went on and I was like uh oh! And of course we couldn't go and get gas cause it was Sunday! So we did some walking yesterday. haha lesson learned! Fill up every Saturday. Oh and no big deal, it hit 109 this week. So it's just a little hot! But it was actually kind of fun! Advertures! And made us reallllllly appreciate our car :)
Well have a great week! Love you :)
Hermana Nelson

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