Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014

Hola hola :) Super hard saying goodbye to everyone from Perris, but I love it here in Corona! It was kind of weird the first couple of days, but I already love it! And it's like the opposite of Perris! It's so pretty and nice here! We stayed with the english sisters a couple nights til our apartment was ready for us, which was a lot of fun, and then our first night in our apartment our mattresses didn't show up yet, so we actually slept on the floor hahah but it was so fun! We literally had a blast, but now we have mattresses so don't worry! Sis. Dulong and I are having a great time together!! It's so fun since we know the same, everything really! It's been fun, so we're really looking forward to this transfer together! And we got to work this week!
We didn't really have anyone at the beginning of the week, cause they just baptized all the investigators that they had, so we did some finding and by the end of the week, we had 8 people on date for baptism! MIRACLES! Yes 2 of them dropped us as of yesterday... and one is going to rehab so we don't really know when he will be back or anything, but hey! It's a start and we have some pretty solid people! 3 of them came to church yesterday.
Alan is one of them, he just married a member in the ward, so we're going to start teaching him. He's been to church a few times and everyone in the ward like loves him! He's super cool! The only problem is that his work schedule is crazy so we don't really know when we're going to see him this week... but we will! :)
Juan we found as we were trying to find someone else, he let us in, we set him on date, then he came to church the next day! He's awesome! We were kind of nervous though cause he kept falling asleep in Sacrament meeting... haha so we thought he was bored and wouldn't want to come back, but he stayed for all the classes, and said he really liked it, he just couldn't see or hear very well, so he said that this week is going to get hearing aids and bring his glasses! He's like in his 70's? But I guess that really shows how it doesn't matter what is said, but it's more about what you feel! He felt something different! Super cool :)
The ward here is really small, but everyone that I've met so far is so nice and so welcoming! I'm excited to get to know everyone more! I miss Perris, but it's nice to have a fresh start with things and we're just workin, workin, workin! It's great! I'm excited for all that's in store here in Corona! 

Hope ya have a great fourth of July! Sounds like you've got some fun stuff going on! President wants us in our apartments at 7 for the night, so we're going to have pizza and games with the other sisters. So that will be fun! No fire works, but hey this is like the first little party I've had, so it's going to be great! Have a great week! Love you :) 

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