Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

Heeeeeey! So first, best thing of the week, GIO'S BAPTISM! Oh man it was so great! Noe, his cousin baptized him (Noe is 19 and just got baptized a month ago) So all week they were practicing how to do it haha so cute! Everything just went perfectly! It was such a great dayyesterday! I looooove hearing his answers, his prayers and his testimony! They've been through a lot, but in turn, he is so humble and mature for his age! He was just all smiles yesterday! (as was everyone else!) It's amazing to see the happiness and peace the gospel brings to people's lives! Even as a young 12 year old! But it was sad that his parents didn't even come, when we invited them to a million times. He's just awesome though! Strong testimony. Great day :)
So we've just been going through the cycle of picking people up, then figuring them out, and then dropping them. So we're still kind of in that phase with no one super solid. Gio was the only one that came to church yesterday. But we did pick up someone new that's super cool! Her name is Maribel, she's in her 20's and has two of the cutest little girls! We gave a church tour to her, and she LOVED it and was super excited to come to church, but then Saturday night they had to take her baby to the emergency room cause she was super sick. So she couldn't come to church :( hopefully next week!
Gregorio was super solid, we were seeing him everyday to help teach him and prepare him for his baptism for the 27th, but then we found out he's on probation, so we have to get that figured out, but our last lesson with him we taught the word of wisdom and he like freaked out! It was so weird! And ever since then he's dropped off the face of the earth! He hasn't answered the door or his phone! So we have no idea what's going on with him.
We had a service project this week for a family that he just got open heart surgery and it was soo fun! We did yard work! Who knew I would have fun doing yard work! But it just felt good to get down and work hard! Even though I was shocked that no one really knew how to work... so thanks for teaching how to work hard! Everyone was complimenting me on my work ethic (partially since everyone thinks I'm a girly girl and didn't think I would get dirty hahaha, but I did! When it's time to work, I WORK.) But that just shows how my parents raised me :)
Hahaha Dad, Sis. Dulong and I were laughing really hard with your paragraph about wiener dogs. I'll answer your questions. They seemed to be a little more tranquilo then Weenie. And they're not miniatures, but they're a lot skinnier haha But it was fun having them around! 
So people celebrate Pioneer day here on the Saturday after Pioneer day. And we're not really doing anything for it. Just a normal day! The stake is having a big Pioneer Day thing, but we're not going :( haha the mish life :)
Well that pretty much sums it up! Hope you have a great week! And party on Pioneer Day since I can't haha Love you!
Hermana Nelson
p.s. I got my mission call a year ago! So crazy!
p.s.s. I got indian food again. i love it :)

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