Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

HOLAAA! Espero que toda esta bien con todas! It's been a good week! (like usual-being a missionary is just the best :)) We've really been prepping for Giovanni's baptism for this week! WOO WOO! We're so excited :) he's so awesome! Only 12 years old and is so humbled and wants to do what is right! It blows my mind at some of the things that he says! And not to mention that he just cracks me up all the time hahaha I love going over there and teaching him! Which! One of the days this week we had to ride the English sister's bikes over to his house cause our car was getting a new axel cause it had a recall on it? So that was fun... haha I was literally laughing the whole time cause I felt so ridiculous riding a bike in a dress with a helmet on. So humiliating! EVERYONE just watches you. And when we left Giovanni's house him and his brother and cousins were just laughing at us, taking pictures of us, recording us, oh man they loved it ha. But holy cow it was so hot we were just sweating bullets! And we had to ride up a hill and I just wanted to die! So glad we have a car :) OH! And we just found out that Gio's cousin that just got baptized last month, Noe, can baptize him! So they're all so excited about that!
That same day of the bike adventure, we had interviews with President Mullen! So weird that it wasn't with President Smart, but so good! I really like Pres. Mullen! He gave me some good advice :) And guess what else! Hermana Williams went on exchanges with Sis. Haycock, so we got to go out for some ice cream! So fun to see her! Then the next day, when we picked up our car, we got to see both Williams and Graham! Aw I just love them :) So fun seeing them!
So the first time in my life that I have ever hated soccer (okay expect for when we would have to do a lot of running in soccer) was yesterdaycause the World Cup was at the exact time that we have church! NO ONE WAS AT CHURCH! And no one wanted to come to church! So rough. It was like bigger then the Super Bowl for all these Latinos! haha But don't worry, they kept us up to date on it ;) so we had a hard time getting people to church, but we did get Omar to church, who I OYMed outside of his house a couple weeks ago, we've only taught him about the Sacrament, and didn't think he was very interested, but he came and he loved it! But his 5 year old son was getting a little ancey.. (how do you spell that?? ha) so they left early! But we're excited to see where that goes! And we were super bummed that Gregorio didn't come to church :( So now he's off date for his baptism. But we have an appointment for tomorrow! Have a great week! Love yaaa! :)
Hermana Nelson
p.s. the members that we had dinner with last night have 2 wiener dogs, so we had fun exchanging stories hahaha 

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