Saturday, July 12, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hola hola! Me voy a Corona oy :( I'm getting transferred to Corona today! Sooo many mixed feelings! I've been here for 6 months so this Perris is my home! It was so hard saying goodbye to everyone yesterday! All day we just went around saying goodbye. So hard! Oh man I'm definitely leaving part of my heart here in Perris! But that's the nice thing about serving in California, I'm going to be coming back a lot! And people will visit me :) I'm super excited about serving in Corona though! It's one of the places that I wanted to serve in before I leave! And you're not going to believe it, my new comp is Marcella Dulong! Haha! So funny! We're super excited! But it's going to be a crazy week, we're moving in with the english sisters today just til Thursday, then we're moving into our own apartment! So it's going to be a fun adventure sleeping on air mattresses for a couple nights! haha we're excited. 

BUT! Oh man we found a lot of cool people this week that I'm sad to leave behind! But I told everyone that I'll come back for their baptisms haha We taught this cute mom Dalia, and her daughter Stephanie who is 10, and first Dalia was talking about being Catholic, then when we shared the Restoration, she was tearing up, she felt the spirit for the first time, and wants to get baptized! Then her daughter (she wasn't there for the restoration lesson) read the entire Restoration Pamphlet and the then next time we came back she wanted us to quiz her on it and she remembered everything! She said it was so short and asked if we had anything longer and we're like, "UH YEAH!" Gave her a Book of Mormon and she's been reading it. SHE'S 10!!! I wish I was that cool when I was ten!

We had a special fast for Jeff yesterday where we got members involved and it was super cool! We had probably about 50 members fasting with us and Jeff, all starting and ending at the same time, with the same purpose. SO strong. Jeff is super awesome and his desire is totally there, he just needs help softening up and recognizing all of these answers. We haven't met with him since the fast, they're going tonight... :( but I know miracles will happen, because miracles always do! We found of few other cool people that I'm excited to hear about their progress! Sad to not teach them, but I know the Lord needs me in Corona now and there are people waiting there for me! 

OH! And another sad thing! We had multi-zones and said goodbye to President and Sister Smart! So sad! But I told them that when I get home I'm just going to show up on their doorstep haha so luckily they live close! Next week the New President will come around and meet everyone. But multi-zones was amazing! I learned a lot on how I can improve my teaching skills as a missionary and it pumped me up to work even harder! Time is flying and I'm really just trying to enjoy everything! 

Crazy that the Bishopric changed! They'll do so good! Guess that's just life, things are always changing! Have fun in Vegas! Probably more like the weather that we're facing here! 106. Oh man I'm roasting. And it's only going to get hotter haha yay for tan lines and sweating! :) Well have a great week! Love you! I have a lot of pictures to send again! 

Con amor, 
Hermana Nelson

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