Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

HAPPY EASTER/ GENERAL CONFERENCE THIS WEEK! Wooohooo! I'm so excited! It's going to be the best! I'm glad you've been able to watch the Because He Lives video! Keep sharing it with everyone! It's so awesome and is a great, more casual way to share the gospel! We've been working with members with it, and getting referrals from it, it's incredible! 

So Melanie isn't going to get baptized tomorrow :( she's in Palm Springs right now, and it's been SUPER hard meeting with her! I'm really worried for her! So please keep her in your prayers! Yolanda and Bobby are doing really well though! Yolanda came to church again and just loves it! She's the cutest thing! She still won't accept a baptism date quite yet though cause she said she wants to feel more prepared. So we're hoping for sometime in April :) Bobby is a little rascal sometimes haha but I love him! He didn't come to church, but apparently a member saw him outside of the church for a little? We don't really know... but we taught him word of wisdom and setup a plan so he can quit all of his things, and so far so good! He has got to come to church this week though!

We weren't able to meet with the Salazar's at all this week, which was a big bummer! We're not really sure where they're at right now with everything. So many complications that we have to work out with them.... but it will happen :) I love them, and am going to keep working hard for them :)

We had a little miracle this week :) (well and many, but this one I want to share haha) So I don't know if I've mentioned ilayali much, but she's 12 and we haven't really been able to teach her or her brother cause the mom wants to be there when we do, and she's ALWAYS working. BUT! On Saturday we had a lot of things fall through, so the thought came to mind to go and see them, that their mom was home. AND SHE WAS! Woohoo! She invited us in right away even though she was mopping! Which we were surprised! So we had a little lesson with them and invited them to the women's conference that started in 30 mins, and the mom said she had a lot of things to do, but if Ilayali wanted to go with us she could. And she did! So we had to hurry and figure out a ride for her since we can't take her in our car! Which first of all, we were shocked that her mom would let her come with us! Sometimes I take a step back and I'm like wow if some church ladies came to my house and I didn't know them, would I let my daughter go with them to a conference at their church?? uh... probably not! haha so thank you to the spirit she was softened and let her! AND! 2 houses down from them, lives a member, so we ran over there and they let her go with them! MIRACLE! And she loved it all! She said she's thinking about being a missionary! Aw :) I'm so proud :) haha so we were super happy all that fell together so perfectly!

Well hope you enjoy Easter and General Conference! I challenge you to read in all 4 gospels towards the end where it talks about the suffering in Gethsemane and the Resurrection :) It's incredible! And because he was resurrected, he lives and is here with us :) LOVE IT :) Have a great week :) Love you!

Hermana Nelson

p.s. tonight we're getting a mini missionary with us for the week! Ruby from the Mission ward, so I know her! I'm so excited! She's 16 and is super awesome! So we're going to be a trio all week :) woooo! 

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