Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Buenas tardes :) Tuvimos una semana tan buena! It was a really good week! We have just been working so hard the minute I hit my pillow at night I'm out! We had a lot of meetings and trainings this week, so it was busy! Not to mention all the work that we're doing with our investigators and members! We were able to kind of figure out some people this week to see if they really want this or not and were able to pick up some new investigators too!

So Yolanda and Melanie were the ones who came to church this week! Yolanda is so awesome! She was sitting outside waiting for us Sunday morning all ready to come when we got there with her ride :) she's doing really good, but we found out she has word of wisdom problems, so we're going to have to work for that... but! All things are possible! 

Melanie is Arely's friend who is a recent convert. She's 14 and she's come to church and mutual activities before and really likes it! She's on date to be baptized next week! Yay! We just have to keep working with her and helping her resolve a couple concerns that she has. Not to mention it's kind of hard to meet with her cause she's always gone! So if you could keep her in your prayers that would be greaaaat :) 

We have no idea why the Salazar's didn't come! Aye. I don't know what to do with them! I love that family so much and I want this so badly for them, but we just keep going in circles with them! They progress, then they don't. SO. Hopefully they start acting more this week, or we might have to drop them :( 

Miracle though! Do you remember April?? We found her again! And we was going to come to church yesterday, but her step-dad left all the kids there so she couldn't leave :( but her baby is doing well, and we are going to start teaching her this week! Yay! We just decided that it was because April needs to get baptized in April ;) 

Beatriz is still MIA :( If we can't contact her this week, we're going to have to drop her. So pray that we find her! 

Good start off to the transfer! We're working hard, having fun, and sharing the most important thing with the best people :) Our leadership in our zone is awesome this transfer that I'm learning a lot and there's just so much missionary fire with great missionaries, and 4 brand new missionaries too, that it's really fun! Well hope you have a great week! Make someones day :) Love you!
Hermanititita Nelson :) 

pics: my daughter and my granddaughter! 3 generations serving in the same ward! Aw it's the best watching my baby train :) She's great :) 

we played soccer on a field today with all the missionaries in our stake! So fun! But I'm super out of shape! 

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