Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

HOLA :) look who decided to email me this week! Like 10 times! ;) hahaha just kidding no worries I thought it was really funny and enjoyed all your little emails :) It sounds like that event/meeting thing you were act was pretty cool! Hopefully the soreness goes away soon though haha

This week was pretty good! Our investigators are progressing, just slowly :) Once again on Sunday the depression was sinking in when we had no one at church, and I kept having the hope that the Salazar's would be coming since they're always late. So I kept looking back all meeting and never saw them, so I was super disappointed. Then once we stood up, they just happened to be in the only little corner that was barely blocked out of my view haha geez that family causes me so much stress! They're still being stubborn too! Linda still isn't sure about baptism or marriage. BUT! Ariel picked her baptism date! She picked April 25th :) So that's progress! We can only see her on the weekends, so that's perfect :) She's a cutie!

So Melanie! We worked so hard with her this week! She is so fragile! Satan is working SO hard on her right now! She keeps going back and forth with everything! And who knew that a 14 year old would have a coffee problem! But she's been living it and we got her some Pero so it was was good :) But she didn't come to church cause her fellowship was late getting ready for church :( and she was all ready and everything! So we were super bummed! We talked to her about her baptism date, had a really bomb lesson with her last night! She's getting baptized next TuesdayYay! PLEASE just keep praying specially for her cause Satan is trying so hard to stop her.

Yolanda was in LA this weekend helping her friend with cancer.. so she didn't come. But she's doing really good! She's reading and praying and LOVED church last week! So she'll be coming this week! Her son Bobby didn't come either cause he thought yesterday was Saturday... haha but he ended up coming to a baptism last night, and we gave him a church tour after! It was really powerful! He loved it! 

I also got to go on exchanges in Riverside again! It was so fun ;) and guess who I saw just by luck when we were teaching the english class? TheSixtos!!!! :) Aw :) they're doing so good! The boys were at the church for scouts. Love them :) 

This week I had my last temple trip as a missionary :( oh man. Talk about hard! Luckily Hna. Juarez knew exactly how I felt, so we had each other :) I just can't even believe it! It really made it start to sink in that the end is coming :( I'm so sad, but I'm so grateful for the opportunity I've had to serve! It's been the hardest and best thing of my life! I wouldn't trade it for anything! I'm going to keep working harder and harder these last 2 months to live up the time I have left :) Hope you have a great week and find ways to serve others! Love you :)

Hermana Nelson 

Last Temple Trip

Beauty P Day

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