Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

HOLA!!!!! :) Hope you had a great Pascua :) But I mean how can you not when it was conference??? IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! I loved all the talks! I love the big focus on keeping your families strong though! It's VERY needed! I've realized that more then ever seeing Satan attacking these cute families I've worked with! It was a little rough though that no one came to conference :( we were SOO bummed. It was like having church 4 times with each session, and being disappointing every time :( Everyone just had Easter plans. BUT! This week will be great! We were able to receive a lot of counsel, comfort and revelation through conference though, so it was awesome! I loved the talk on prayer and answers from Rosemary Wixom! I literally felt that talk was for me! So good! Our investigators are just having the hardest time progressing, that I've been praying A TON lately. That talk helped me so much cause I feel like I've just been giving it everything and not feeling like we were seeing much from it and not knowing exactly what to do with these people. Every night before bed too I've been just opening my scriptures and pointing out a random verse. REVELATION FROM HEAVEN. I'm not making a list of revelation scriptures that have helped me tons! I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES! :) This week is going to be bomb :)

We also had a mini missionary this week! RUBY! From the mission ward! It was sooo fun! We had a great time! She's going to be such a good missionary!... in 3 years... haha it was great! I'll send a picture of us :)

We also picked up 12 NEW INVESTIGATORS THIS WEEK! That's probably my high in one week! They didn't come to conference... but hey! They'll come to church this week :) We're just having a hard time finding people who want to ACT. But They're out there I know it :) 

Well this is going to be a short one this week.. :) but hope you have a great week! Love yoooou! :)
Hermana Nelson

ps the dog pics is this a stray that the Elders found in a field the day of conference, so they brought it to conference... and it chilled in the bathroom... haha but I thought Ariel would be proud

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