Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO YOU TOMORROW DAD! :) Sounds like you guys had a fun week! Hope you have la mejor cumpleanos manana :) also, you all look like midgets in the pictures with Sis. Williams haha but it's okay, maybe you'll grow a little more since your b-day is tomorrow ;) 

So this week has been quite the rollarcoaster! But mainly really good! So last Monday we talked to Gloria on the phone and I asked her how she liked the baptism, and she said she didn't like it! We were like WHAT! How can you not?? And the spirit was soo strong in it too! So then we were super confused and she said that she decided that she's going to go to catholic church. WHAAAAT. Oh man. I tried everything over the phone to remind her what she has felt, and how she knows this is true, but she still said she was going to the catholic church. So basically we hung up and just cried last Monday. But the Sis. Pyper and Sis. Neilson were nice that, that night we roasted marshmallows and starbursts to try and cheer us up, which was fun! (we did it in our fireplace haha)

We had multi-zones this week, which of course was AMAZING! They talked a lot about planning, and obedience, which I had no idea there have been so many problems with obedience lately, so it's good that President is coming down on it and switching everything around! Hna. Carlson and I were just thanking each other for being obedient. I can't even imagine having a comp that wasn't! That would be so hard! We learned a lot at multi-zones, that we're going to improve more in our teachings and being the best missionaries we can be :) It's always a good boost :) (and there was a contest to see who could have the best well taken car of car/ cleanest, and guess who won?? I did! haha so we won an In 'n out gift card! woo woo!) President and Sister Mullen are amazing though! I'm so happy I can serve under them :) (and other funny side note, all the spanish sisters and Pres. Mullen all happened to be wearing some yellow, so we took a pic :) )

Ever since multi-zones we've just been blessed with miracles after miracles, it's amazing!!! We got 8 member presents in 3 days, and picked up 7 new investigators and put them all on date for baptism! WOOOW. It was awesome :) everything was just falling into place and I could really feel myself being guided by the spirit! Unfortunately, not all of them came to church, but hey, still miracles!

I don't remember if I said anything about Araseli? Hna. Dulong and I OYMed her but then couldn't find her house, then I OYMed her a couple weeks ago, and we were finally able to find her house and have a lesson with her! She said she felt something different and she wants to be baptized! Her dad passed away this year, so she has a lot of questions about that, that we're excited to answer for her :) We had a church tour with her Saturday that Hna. Caro came with us, and it went really well, and then she came to church yesterday! Well, she got there late cause of her work, but she still came and she loved it!

Then literally 15 mins before church started, we called Fransisco, an OYM that we haven't even had a lesson with yet, and invited him to come, and he came! And he's super cool!!! He loved church! We have our first lesson with him tonight, so we're excited :) 

Then Esmerelda, the 14 year old also came! Hna. Ruiz picked her up and she's actually friends with her daughter Alexis at school, so it was perfect! And she also really liked church! We just might have a problem with her grandma cause she goes to a different church, so pray that her heart will be softened!

Another miracle! Eva, we had a harvest blessing with her and she started crying asking us what she was feeling. I told her it was the Holy Ghost and then literally I don't know what I said, the spirit just guided and now she's on date and turns out her family in Mexico is also meeting with missionaries, so she said she knows it's for a reason! But she didn't come to church cause she had family over :( so hopefully we can get her to come next week! Well hope you have a great week! Miracles happen every day! Sometimes they're just a litter harder to find! So find them :) Love you muchisimo! 

Hermana Nelson

ps Alex got the Holy Ghost yesterday! AW! The cutie :) 
Roasting Marshmallows

Roasting Marshmallows

Multi-Zone Conference!


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