Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Hiiiiii:) Sounds like you had a pretty great week with some spiritual uplifting moments! I love that comparison you did with the sealing power! Super cool! Once again this week we've seen miracles! Welcome to missionary life:) I love it :) So update on the people you asked for:
We had some awesome lessons with Araseli, she's still doing really great, always asking us for new chapters to read and when we can come over again. Unforuteately her daughter got sick with the flu so she wasn't able to go to church:( but she's still excited for her baptism, and kept asking what time, so we already got the building reserved with the time for her She's awesome!
We don't really know what happened with Max yesterday. We had a couple good lessons with him during the week, then talked to him on the phone like 20 mins before church and he didn't come. We stopped by later and he wasn't there, so we're not sure what happened yet!
Claudia was MIA for a little, but we finally saw her and she was excited to come to church, but then she wasn't there for our appointment with her Sunday morning and didn't end up coming to church. But we had a lesson with her husband Jesus last night about church and the atonement and it went really well! He said the closing prayer and started crying, including in the prayer their daughter that passed away. We testified of the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was so strong! Hopefully this will be used for motivation to come to church and to live the gospel so they can have their eternal family!
Gloria still hasn't called us or anything. I've talked to Elder Perez about it a couple of times and he said she's not as solid as she used to be. Ever since her 1st interview, things just went downhill from there. So we'll see what happens. We don't really know as of right now.
THEN! Oh my goodness. Besides the people that didn't come to church yesterday, it was an AWESOME day yesterday! HUGE miracle! So we had an appointment with a potential right before church, but it ended up starting late, so we literally had 10 mins til we needed to get to church, and I was like well we'll just talk about church! We invited them and they were saying that they were tired and weren't even ready or anything, then I just had a gift of tongues moment when I spit out so many words so fast since we didn't have a lot of time. I think I talked about the atonement and the sacrament, and invited them to come again and the youngest son that's like 13 was like , "yeah, okay!" So then they all start running around getting ready, "5 MINUTE SHOWER EVERYONE!!" haha it was so great.
SO! We actually spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday (which by the way, example one of how I've changed cause I used to take so much time on my talks and write it word for word, and this time I just wrote a couple of points down, found a couple of scriptures in like 15 mins, and just gave it! And in spanish! And I wasn't even nervous. so that's all a miracle in itself) But anyway, we were sitting on the stand and we just see the Medina family walk in, all 5 of them! Wooo! Happy day! So cool! And the ward just fellowshipped them soo good! Then Esmerelda came, and also someone else that we picked up this week, Reyes. So we had 7 people at church yesterday! Oh man we were beaming! So awesome! AND! A recent convert, less active family that we've been working with came too! I was just on cloud nine!
So that just gives a little tid bit of my life this week :) haha sorry this email was so long. But it's been good! I love it here! I love being a missionary! And I love seeing people's lives change as they live this gospel! Cause well, you know, ITS TRUE. Have a great week! Love you! :)
Hermanita Nelson :)

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