Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Buenas tardes :)
This week was another good one! (like always right? Mission life is just the best) First of all, Araseli is soooo cool! We had a few lessons with her this week and she is so solid! She's so excited for her baptism the 28th! We had a really special Plan of Salvation lesson with her, focusing on how she can live with her dad again, and she LOVED it. She was like, "wow, it all just makes sense." I'm just grinning like a cheeseball, like "YEAH!" haha oh my. So she has the craziest work schedule where example: she got home at 4am from work, and had to go back in at 6am, so she read the chapter of the Book of Mormon during that time, then when she got back from work, we had a lesson with her! Like she's awesome! Talk about dedication! NO one has any excuses about not ready the scriptures if Araseli can do it! We have a FHE set up with her tonight, so we're super excited about that!
Another cool story, Max, he said he asked his boss off work for Sundays and he said no, but in a couple months, and so Max said he would just have to hurry cause he gets out of work at 12:30, and it's like 20 mins away. and church starts at 1. BUT! He still made it! Well he was a little late, but he's going to try even harder next week! And honestly, we weren't expecting that! And get this! ALEX is fellowshipping him haha he's awesome. Since Alex walks everywhere he said he would walk to Max's to help us with our lessons, and then he asked us if we're teaching other people too. Alex has been a memeber for like 2 weeks now? Geeez he's great. Made me think of how lazy I was before with missionary work! That's definitely going to change when I get back!
THEN! hahah don't you love all my stories? I love stories :) this one is super cool! So Claudia, that Hna. Dulong and I was teaching, it wasn't really going anywhere cause she worked every sunday at the hospital and couldn't get it off. Then we didn't really see her for a while, but we had a lesson with her this week, and she said she was talking to her boss and got all these other people to talk to him too so that they could all have one day off, he said he had to go to the guy above him and would let them know. So we talked to Claudia about fasting, and we had a special fast on Friday, then when we went to our appointment Saturday, she said that she now has Sundays OFF!!!! WOOOOO! Oh man we were all so pumped! Fasting is so real it's incredible! So now next week and from here on out she can come! We're so excited! :)
Also! Apparently Elder Perez, who is now serving in Hemet, called Gloria and talked to her about everything and she said that she's going to call us to come back over this week! AH! YAY! I miss her so much! So fingers crossed that everything goes well!
So many wonderful miracles each and every day I love it :) And oh yeah, I hit my half way mark this week. That was freaky. I can't believe it. We just try and not talk about it though, now that I'm on the downward slope. Ah that's scary. But we celebrated by getting my favorite chocolate devotion at cold stones :) (yes the biggest size haha don't judge, we were celebrating ;))
Whoa wait, I totally forgot about the Ogden Dedication! I have no idea if we can to go to the broadcast or not! Or is it just for in Utah? Who knows! I guess we'll see!
Well hope you have a great week and count the blessings :) I love you!
Hermana Nelson :)

Celebrating at Coldstone

Kylee Celebrating Her Half-Way Mark!

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