Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hooooola :) 

Wow! Sounds like the dedication was amazing! I'm jealous I couldn't go! But missionary work everyday is pretty much the best, so I guess it evens out ;) As for transfers! We're staying the same! Finishing up Hna. Carlson's training! Which we figured! We're super happy :) We work so hard together it's great! And we're definitely seeing the miracles of it! But Nielson and Pyper are getting doubled out so we will be living with a greenie and her trainer. (still english) We'll meet them tomorrow, so fingers crossed that they're cool ;) 

This week was another really good one! We had 6 people at church! So awesome! (Araseli, Esmerelda, and 4 of the Medina fam) Araseli has her baptism interview this week and her baptism on Sunday! Yay! We're all super excited! She's great :) super solid! 

Esmerelda we were actually pretty shocked she came to church, cause we only had one lesson with her, and it was basically a do or die lesson, giving her one last chance before we dropped her, since she hasn't been reading or praying and off and on about church. Her desires are low. Then she cancelled our other appointment with her this week, we stopped by Sunday morning, and she didn't answer. But then she just showed up to church with the Ruiz fam! And! We had dinner with them yesterday and they brought her to dinner! Without us even asking! Bien hecho! So that was all cool! And she went to mutual this past week and we didn't even know! Man, members make the biggest of difference for sure! We talked to Hna. Ruiz about it, and she said it's probably going to take some time, so we're not sure what we're going to do, but we're going to revise how we're teaching her. 

The Medina fam is awesome! We saw them twice this week, even with their crazy schedules! And 3/5 of them have read! Yay! The 2 teenage boys said they read together one night. Aw :) so cute! But unfortunately we're still working with the whole soccer on Sunday issue. They had to go to the english ward at 9 cause Eric had a game at 1. So we'll see! But they're super awesome and are totally a dry mormon family! 

And! To top it all off! Alex passed the sacrament yesterday AND went to the temple to do baptisms AND is going to Utah for General Conference! hahaha he's so great! And of course he loved all of it! Oh and the other day we went over for an appointment with him, and his friend George was there, so we ended putting him on date! He said Alex has talked a lot about the church with him. So great! He said he was going to come to church with Alex, but he ended up not coming. But we have an appointment with him today.

Also! Hna. Munoz has been talking to her friend, so we met her, didn't have much time with her, but we have an appointment setup for the week! Look at all this great member missionary work! Super awesome! So no one has any excuses ;) and we heard about the "Meet the Mormons" movie that's coming out! Sounds super cool! So everyone should invite someone to go to it! The work is hastening! Why? CAUSE IT'S TRUE! 

Well hope you have a great week! Love you :) 

Hermana Nelson

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