Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Hola hooooola :) It was super fun talking to you guys on Christmas! I'm glad you had a fun day and finally got some snow! We're definitely wishing that we could go sledding! But we have the sun instead ;) I'm glad you liked my cat story too hahhaha I really liked your story too! That's hilarious! Dulong and I were reading it here in the library and just cracking up! You need to tell me more of your mission stories! 

Our Christmas here was really good! Christmas Eve we spent with a couple of families, had a devotional with a few different zones, and then played sports at the church with elders. It was really weird basically having two days in a row off! But it was nice and relaxing! It was a really special Christmas to really focus on the Savior as we were just there in our little apartment and as we were sharing it with other families. It's the best when we can brighten people's days and bring the spirit into their homes.

This was a pretty good week! It was kind of hard to meet with people because of Christmas and all, but we were able to find some new people! We also dropped some people too though. Finding the elect! We found the Flores family this week, Grandpa Jorge, Gustavo, Gabriela and their 3 kids ages 1, 2, and 3. As you can imagine, our lessons with them are a little crazy at times, but really good. We were able to have a really powerful lesson with Jorge about the atonement and coming to church. They're all been looking for a church and really wanted to come. We actually had a lot of people this week telling us that they were going to come, so we were super pumped then the day came, and nothing :( so all of sacrament meeting we were pretty bummed. Then we taught primary, and as we were putting the chalk back afterwards, we turn around and see Jorge!!!! We were SHOCKED! He said he was a little late but that he sat in the back and just got finished with the 1st class! I have no idea how we missed him coming in! But he loved it! Oh man I can't even explain how excited we were! After church he said he really liked it and is planning on coming next week and bringing the whole family! WOO! I'm really excited about him! 

Alexandra (the Torres's daughter) is actually getting baptized this week! Yay! She's super cute! Yesterday at church she pulled out her Book of Mormon and said that she had been reading it. So awesome :) We also found Esmerelda who is a young mom that is moving here this week and said she's looking for a church and wants her kids to know God. uhh... PERFECT! So we're going to help her move in this week and they'll come to church Sunday! The area is still a little slow, but I think it's starting to pick up a little! Blessings from on high! :) Well hope you have a great week! Love you! 

Hermana Nelson :) 

Oh and I have a lot of pics today!  

Christmas Eve Devotional Dinner

PJs From Hermana Barraza

Kylee's Stocking

Christmas Morning!

Shirts From Luna

Christmas Lunch

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