Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Heey! :) I'm glad you guys liked the pictures, I have a bunch more to send out today too! Haha no worries we haven't had transfers yet! This week! So we will see! I'm guessing I'm leaving, but that's what I thought last time, so who knows! Anything could happen! Yes I did get the package, thanks so much! We're excited to start opening everything! 

I know! We really built that relationship with Monica, and we had another really good lesson with her this week, but she didn't come to church again! When she said that she was! So we don't know... we think we might be dropping her, cause she hasn't really been reading either :( but this week was actually the best week of the transfer! We finally have a teaching pool, even though we're not sure how solid everyone is yet! We picked up a lot of new people, and had a lot of great lessons! AND! Guess what! It rained for pretty much 2 days straight! It was crazy! At first we were thinking it was going to be awful, but it was actually so great! We just had our little boots and jacket on with our umbrellas :) And since everyone here in California considers this basically a blizzard, everyone stays home, so everyone was home and let us in! It was awesome! I loved it! 

Time for the miracle: THE SILVESTRE FAMILY CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! Ah it was the best thing ever! All 5 of them! It went so great! The ward did awesome! Everyone was coming up, talking to them, and inviting them to all this stuff. AND! They already knew like 4 different members there! So that was awesome! The kids really liked primary and young womens, and the parents liked it as well! I'm really excited for them! They're still very fragile, cause they're SO catholic, but they came, and they liked it, so hopefully they'll just keep coming, praying and reading! For sure keep them in your prayers! They're such a cute family and totally act like they're already members. 

Another cool thing that happened this week: we were trying to see a former, and they didn't live there, but we felt like we still needed to be on that street for some reason, so we were looking around and decided to try this orange house (yes i know, orange haha) and the lady there let us come back, we had a really good lesson with her, and we put her on date! Super cool! Her name is Adriana, and unfortunately she couldn't come to church this week, but she should be coming this week! 

Hope everything is going well at home :) Love you mucho! 

Hermana Nelson 

ps what in the world I've been out a whole year! Where does the time go??

Decorating For Christmas!

Rainy Day!

Rainy Day!

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