Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

FELIZ NAVIDAD! Woo woo! haha I'm glad you liked the Christmas card! We had a pretty fun time with it ;) Right?? Dulong and I still have moments when we're like, "wait, we're together again??" It's been really good though! This area doesn't have a whole lot going on right now, but we're going to work really hard and get things going again! Yeah I know the Elders will take care of them! I talked to the elders last night and they said they're doing well and is on date for baptism in January! So excited for them :) So we'll be skyping at 3pm your time on Christmas! YAY! I'm so excited :) 

So we have a couple of people here that we're working with. First Veronica, she was on date for the end of the month, but told us that she's not ready and isn't sure about things anymore. She also might be going to Mexico soon... so we're not really sure what's going to happen there! 

Eziquiel is pretty new, we haven't really taught him anything yet cause he keeps cancelling our appointments, but he came to the Christmas party on Friday and loved it! (yes I got to go to another Christmas party!) All the members were great with him, we had a church tour with him and you could just tell he loved every bit of it! He told us he just really wanted to come to the services on Sunday to see what it was all about! We thought for sure he was coming, but he didn't :( and we have no idea why! So hopefully things will pick up with him this week! 

One of the members brought a friend with them to the Christmas party, and so we're starting to teach him! His name is Jesus and he's really cool! He was taught by missionaries before, but has a bad drinking problem, so hopefully we can have a miracle with that! And he came to church Sunday! yay! But unfortunately he's out of town all week for Christmas so we can't see him :( but he said he'll be coming to church again!

We also had a cool little miracle yesterday! The Elders in the ward had a baptism yesterday, so after when we left, we got a call from Bishop asking us where we were and to come back because the daughter in Torres family wants to get baptized next week! So of course we rushed over and talked to them about it! The Torres family has been less-active for a while and has just started coming back the last couple of months, then they came to the baptism and the daughter decided she wants to be baptized too! But she's 8 1/2 so it's still a stake baptism, but we're still going to teach her since she doesn't really know much since they've been less active. So we're teaching her everything this week and she's getting baptized this Sunday! So that was super cool! We're really excited to be apart of this little miracle :) 

Also, funny little story for the week: we were at a potential investigators house, we knocked on the door and they didn't answer, but everyone here has like storm doors that are really hard to see through, but they are hard to knock on, so usually you try and open it and then knock on the real door. So anyway, Sis. Dulong goes to open the storm door, and turns out the real door was open too, so she just opens the door and right then out of no where a cat runs in their house!!! HAHAHA I was DYING! So just hurries and closes the door! Not kidding it happened all in like 3 seconds! So then they came and answered the door cause a cat was just chillin in their house! hahah it was hilarious! Well hope you have a great Christmas! Excited to talk to you this week! Love you :) 

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