Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Happy transfer weekend! Oh goodness it's been so crazy lately! We were effected big time. I got a call from President Mullen Saturday morning. I'm going to be a sister training leader in Riverside! So that's crazy! I'm really nervous! And if you think that's crazy enough, guess who my comp is? Hermana Dulong! We're so pumped! That takes a HUGE stress off! I'm really excited to be with her again and serving in Riverside! But, I'm soo sad to be leaving Corona! I love it here! AND! Our area is closing :( Hna. Glenn is going to Hemet and Elders are taking over our area. Well actually we split our area in half with the elders. 

It was really hard saying goodbye to everyone yesterday! So bittersweet! Our area is finally doing better, and now both of us are leaving :( we did not expect that! And! Oh man the worst part was saying goodbye to the Silvestre family last night! We were all crying, and they're just confused! They came to church again and are really progressing! This family seriously has my heart! It was the worst last night! But I told them that I'm going to come back from their baptism and when they go through the temple and they said, "well of course!" The Elders taking over will be really good, but it's still scary! On the way home, Raul (the dad) called us and said that Omar (the 8 year old) was crying, and if we could talk to him on the phone for a second. Holy cow! He was bawling and saying how much he is going to miss us and how much he loves us. :'( Sooo sad. But we told him we're going to write letters back and forth and he has to beat the Elders in basketball, so he liked those ideas. 

This week I've really been trying to be led by the spirit, and teach with power& authority. I had a cool experience where I was led to this guy, we started talking, and he said he could just see and feel the difference of something and he didn't know what it was. He said that he has had the worst day and he was praying asking where God was, then we walked up. He said he just felt calm and better when we were there and wants to know what it is and how he can get it. He's really cool! He's coming to church, and unfortunately didn't end up being in our area, but the Elders are teaching him! It still blows my mind all the time on how the spirit works. I love it! We also did a service project this week where we did tours and sold ornaments at basically a "Festival of Trees" type thing. It was really fun! And it was such the opposite of what I've been in lately! We were in this huge mansion, all these fancy trees everyone, and everyone there is just so rich! I just started thinking about all my cute little spanish friends that don't even have a Christmas tree and it just made me so sad! I've had a couple of little kids tell me that they think they're just not celebrating Christmas this year, but it's okay, cause sometimes that happens. SO SAD! We are all so fortunate in all we have! I think all of us can do a little more, give a little more, and be a little bit better. So that's my challenge this week! Help someone out :)  Well have a great week! Love you :) 

Hermana Nelson :) 

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