Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Feliz ano nuevo!!! 

Warning: long email, but lots of good stuff in here, so read it :) 

Right?? I can't believe it's 2015! But here it is! Sounds like you all had some good holidays! For New Years Eve we just went to the stake center again and actually played monopoly with the elders haha it was actually really fun. The most intense game of monopoly I have ever played! Then we did deep cleaning the next morning... which was fun... :) You got more snow? Guess what! Different parts in our mission got snow too! Crazy right?? But unfortunately not here. But we can see it on the mountains! 

Alright, where to even begin! So much happened this week! It was a roller coaster! We felt like every emotion this week! First of all, for the BEST news ever! Guess who's getting baptized! ALAN!!! In Corona! Hna. Dulong and I taught him! I don't know if you remember him? But he's married to a member and they're like my favorite! We had to drop him, cause he just didn't want to get baptized, but he was basically a member! He went to church and had a calling in boy scouts! His wife got pregnant like.. 2 months ago? Once that happened I knew that he'd be getting baptized soon, and wanting to get sealed in the temple with his new little family. I told him when I left Corona that I would come back for his baptism and when they go through the temple, and the day is here! So we get to go back to Corona Saturday for his baptism!!! I'm SOO pumped! So that was the really good news we got this week!

We had a one day this week that was just ROUGH. Everyone cancelled on us, multiple people dropped, and no one would let us in! We seriously had one appointment all day! And Jorge called us saying he wasn't coming to church Sunday cause he was in LA. So it was one of those days that you just want the day to be over, but hey, you gotta have the bad ones to recognize the good ones! 

We had MLC with all the zone leaders, sister training leaders, assistants to the President and President Mullen, this week and it was SO good! It seriously got me so motivated to just get out and work and baptize! They talked about repentance and making sure we're using it every day, and I had a really cool experience with it that night. I can't even explain it, but I felt like I was Alma the Younger as he just felt the joy of repentance. I seriously have never felt that strong of a feeling before, that I can't even describe it! It was something soo much bigger then me, within me trying to explode out of joy! And I mean I've repented many times before and felt the comfort, forgiveness, and relief of the atonement, but never anything like this. I think it was coupled with the strongest desire that I've ever had to share the gospel and to be the best missionary that I can be. I only have 5 months left and I SOOO badly want to help this area! So I challenge you as well to make repentance more in your life. Make it daily. Make it specific. Make it more not for yourself, but to change yourself so that you can help other people. I think that's what was different for me this time. It wasn't about what I was going to gain from the process of repentance, but what others would gain as I would try to become a better person to help them. That's the difference. 

Gabriela (Jorge's, son's girlfriend) is doing pretty good! We had a few really great lessons with her this week, she's been reading and said that she can't even explain what she feels, but keeps reading so she has it. THE SPIRIT! She's preparing for baptism, but obviously they're not married, so we have to get them married first. But it will happen! Saturday night we had an awesome lesson with her and she told us how excited she was to come to church, that she bought a new outfit and everything. We got her a ride and were so excited, then she called us sunday morning and said she couldn't go cause she was busy. BUSY?? Really? Ay. So that was a HUGE bummer. We were kind of depressed Sunday morning just thinking, "well great, no one is coming to church." BUT. We received an AMAZING miracle! The Sixtos family that we've taught twice said this week that they'd try to come but weren't sure. So we thought they probably weren't, and we went by Sunday morning and they were all ready! And they came! 5 of them!!!! WOO. We were so happy! Like I said earlier, it's been a roller coaster of a week! Also! Last thing :) Sorry this is really long. So we ended up dropping Eziquiel because he never came to church and would never keep appointments with us, but last night we saw him on the street, and talked to him for a bit. He said his wife left him and it's been really hard, but he really wants to learn about our message and I quote, "This time I'm inviting you over" So we're excited to be teaching him again cause I really feel like he has a lot of potential if he would just come! 

Well that's the end of this book :) Just please keep our investigators and area in your prayers that we can better help these people so we have PROGRESSING investigators. Hope you have a great week! Thanks for everything :) loooove you! 

Hermana Nelson :) 

p.s. I cut off 5 inches of my hair haha 2015! woo woo! 

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