Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

HEY! Sounds like everyone had a good spring break :) I can't believe school is going to be out so soon! Thanks so much for all yours and Ariel's help with schooling! It makes my mind at ease so I don't have to worry about it :) It's great :) 

Well this week was been a little crazy, but it's good! I've learned a lot! Our area is still struggling getting people progressing, BUT! We were finally able to have a lesson with Ariel again! I asked her when she's getting baptized and she said April 25th! So that was awesome! She really wants to get baptized, it's just still a sticky situation since she wants her dad to baptize her,and he really wants to too, but he can't... so we have to figure that out. And she's only here on the weekends, so we're running out of time to teach her. So we might be moving her date back, but she's awesome! 

We also picked up the Cordova family again! Remember them? I love them :) The kids are so elect and awesome, the mom is just a little slower. But we were super bummed though cause we talked to them Sunday morning and they said they were coming to church, and they didn't :( so we're not sure what happened! BUT. This week is going to be great :) We're going to get EVERYONE to church :)

We also had a service project this week that was at a care center and it totally just reminded me of the seville so it was really fun :) 

Well sorry this one's a little short haha but hope you have a great week! :) Love you :) 

Look who visited Kylee - Luna!

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