Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hooooola :) yeah so the update on people you wanted: Marta and Roman went to their church yesterday... :( so apparently we just encouraged them to go to church. BUT we're still going to stop by and try and work with them! It's sad, but true when miracles happen for these people and they don't even recognize it or they reject it. Keep praying for them and hopefully that can at least come to church once to give them the desire to come back :) As far as the people from the blitz, that one guy is english so I haven't heard if he did or not, and then that family couldn't go. 

BUT! We had 2 people at church!! Woo woo! Maura came again! Seriously miracles with her! I have seen SUCH a change in her! It's incredible! She still has a loooooong way to go, but she's definitely progressing. She won't accept a date yet because she just wants to make sure she's doing it for the right reasons and doesn't want to be condemned because she gets baptized twice. So we're working on that! But she's great! I love her so much! She's a little punk, but she's the best :) 

Also! HUGE miracle! Diana came to church! We were thinking that she wouldn't come since she's so socially awkward and doesn't leave her house ever. Plus she told us at our appointment with her Friday that she'll try, but she just really feels uncomfortable around strangers, getting a ride from one, and that she'll probably call us on Saturday to cancel so we don't have to find a ride for her. We were like what the? haha But she never called and then Sunday morning when we called her she said she would go! We were shocked! haha and I think she liked it? We have another appointment with her tomorrow, so we'll find out more about that! Her family is really catholic though so it's hard for her!

We've been picking up and dropping a lot of investigators, the cycle of missionary work! But we're having fun and working hard :) This is the best work everrrr. And we don't even get paid for it :) 

We had a our STL meeting this last week which was super good! I love President Mullen! He's so great! He talked about the difference between a weakness and a sin, then that same day, we just happened to read an article about it in the Ensign! Super good! You should read it! I think it's in the April Ensign! 

A sin is using our agency against the teachings of God, and a weakness is something that we can't control, that God specifically gave to us. And both can be overcome through the Atonement! Sins=cleansing power, weakness=enabling power. Hna. Juarez and I talked a lot about how are weaknesses are really actually strengths as well, as long as we balance them, learn how to control them, and rely on the Atonement. I've learned so much about myself on my mission! Lately I've just realized how much of a problem solver I am. My mind is just always trying to find solutions for things. Which is both a strength and and a weakness. I get things done and find different ways of doing things, but I try to fix things that are out of my control which just stresses me out haha So we're working on a lot of strengths and weaknesses that we have :) gooood stuff :) 

We were also able to do a Helping Hands service project for a few hours on Saturday which was a lot of fun! I love doing service! We helped clean up this old park thing, moved the old stuff around sorting it, and tearing down the buildings. Super fun :) my arms are sore though, kind of hurts to type haha. One of the hermanos from our ward was there was like, "wow Hermana Nelson! I thought you were just a city girl, but man, you work like a country gril!" haha everyone is always so shocked that I get dirty and work! So thanks for teaching me how to work hard :) 

Well! That's about it! Hope you have a great week! Good luck on the crazy weekend! Love you!

Hermana Nelson :) 

Twinner PJ's

Ruby the Mini Missionary Heart Attacked Their Door

People Ride Horses Down the Street!

A Mini Horse

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