Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hola :) :) 

Where to begin! This week was so good! We'll start with the best day ever yesterday! The Sixtos got baptized!!!!! AHHHH! It was so fun seeing them! And now they're baptized! I was just sittin there crying haha I love that family so much! I got them a San Diego temple picture so they can put it up in their house to remind them that that's their goal in a year :) I seriously can't even express how happy I was yesterday! AND! Jorge Flores was there too :) He sat next to me, and the Sixtos were in front of me, I was like, "wow this is like heaven!" Jorge is still doing really good too :) And I got to see all the Riverside members too, so it was a lot of fun! It still just amazing me how much you can love people in such a short time! 

Sandra and Mayte got confirmed yesterday too! YAY! :) they're doing really good, and we're working with their whole family so they can all be active and come to church EVERY week :) They're such a great family! 

The Cordova family came to church! Yay! But we're still not so sure on them. The mom works every Sunday and isn't super interested... the kids are awesome, but obviously we need the parent's permission, and it's all kind of complicated... so we'll see what happens! 

Olivia also came to church! Finally! We were on the verge of dropping her! She's the cutest :) She still have a lot of doubts, but we're working on it! We still have a lot of people to teach, but not a lot of solid people... so we're working on that too haha. Story of the mission life though! Finding the people who will actually act! We were super sad too cause the Partida family didn't come :( so we're going to have to drop them :( they're not progressing at all, but they have so much potential that it's sad! And the Salazar's didn't come :( We have no idea why either! We had 2 really good lessons with them this week, they've been reading and praying, and they girls went to mutual this week on their own! So we're not really sure :( 

Also! I have a cool little miracle story to share :) So we were just trying potentials the other day and we were just leaving one part of our area, going to the other side to go visit someone, and I had the thought to go visit someone that was back in the other area, It was super random, and it was this lady that we talked to once like 2 weeks ago! But we were almost to the other appointment, so I decided we could just go back after. All through the lesson I kept getting, "Go see Luz. Go see Luz!" Finally I was like okay we have to go now. So we left and made it to Luz's house. This lady answered the door and said that there isn't any Luz that lives there and had no idea who it was. Which was weird cause we talked to Luz just right outside that house! So we ended up having a lesson with her and she's super cool! Her name is April and that house is actually her mom's house and she just happened to be there at that time! It's amazing how the spirit works! We had a really good lesson with her and she accepted baptism! Talk about miracles!!!! Soo cool! She's having a baby this week though, so that might slow things down a bit, but it was really cool :) we both just like "woooow" haha 

Well I hope you have a great week! Have fun with the snow ;) it's actually been raining a lot here lately, which is good cause we really need it! And yes we have gone on some more exchanges! One I stayed here and the other one I went to Moreno Valley! They're always good! I'm going on exchanges with Hna. Dulong this week so that will be a lot of fun :) Have a good one! Love you :) 

Hermana Nelson :) 

ps guess who I got a letter from! Yarany! From Perris! AH! I was so happy! I haven't heard from her since I left Perris! But she's doing really good :) 

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