Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hey! Yeah she told me! Public shout out for ARIEL WHO GOT ACCEPTED INTO VET SCHOOL! WOOO :) Sounds like you all had fun celebrating it :) 

I know right? I feel like last transfer in Riverside didn't even happen cause it was so fast! I'm not sure how everyone is doing over there :( but I know Jorge is good :) But things are good in this area too! We have TONS of work! It's almost a little overwhelming! I don't even know who to tell you about cause we have like 30 investigators. Probably more actually. It's crazy! Our problem is just having time to see all of them! So we're going to be going on a lot of splits so we can make sure we can see everyone! We have like 4 families too, so it's super awesome! Pray for all these great people so they can get baptized :) Sandra is going to be getting baptized on the 15th, so we're really excited for that! We still have quite a bit to teach her though, so hopefully we can see her enough this week! Yeah so I do still live in Riverside, but it's a different apartment! But it's still weird cause I pass the sixto's house every day ha. 

But yeah! We have a lot of people so it's good! We just need to keep working hard so we can help all of them! So little story for you of how nice these people are: The other day we were walking into the church for the English class we were teaching, and our investigator Olivia was walking in at the same time, so we were talking to her, I complimented on her earrings, and she immediately took them off and gave them to me!! I was like, "no, no! They're yours! I have some kind of like them", etc, etc, to try and give them back, but she wouldn't let me. So now I have some new earrings from Mexico! haha I still feel so bad. She's so nice. Everyone here is great! Well not much else to say about the week! We've just been working hard sharing the true gospel of Jesus Christ :) It's the best :) Have an amazing week! Love you :) 

Hermana Santoyo

Kylee and Hermana Santoyo

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