Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Hooooola! Holy cow! Ready for this? I'm being transferred today!!!! Biggest shock ever! I was completely blindsided! We thought for sure I was staying and Hna. Dulong was leaving, but nope! Dulong is staying here training the new sister that's coming in and I'm leaving to Jurupa to be comps with Hna. Santoyo! I'll still be an STL just in that area! Jurupa used to be a part of Riverside, but in the last like 10 years or so it became it's own city, so it's super close, and I'm actually still going to be living in Riverside. Which will be really weird cause I'll be driving past the Sixto's like everyday! I'm soooo sad to be leaving! Only 6 weeks here! It's crazy! And the area is finally doing so good! :( I'm not ready to leave, but I know the Lord has other plans for me! I just keep thinking of the song, "I'll go where you want me to go." It's been a hard one to swallow saying goodbye to everyone, but I'm excited to go to Jurupa. It's hopping over there right now! There's going to be 6 sister missionaries and 2 elders in the ward!!! Crazy right? It's going to be so weird! But I'm super excited cause Hna. Carlson is coming to this ward too, so we're going to be together like all the time! So we're excited :) And I love Santoyo. She's from Mexico city and she's hilarious! So it will be fun and my spanish will get even better!

BUT! I was able to end on the best note ever yesterday! JORGE GOT BAPTIZED! Aw it was the best :) I love him! He's soooo good. I'm so excited to see all the great things he's going to do in this ward! And it was his birthday yesterday :) He just loved it. He's changed so much! It's so amazing the change that happens through the atonement. It's incredible. And the visible change you can see in their face as these people have made these changes and come closer to their Savior. Jorge's son Angel was able to come to his baptism too, which just made him so happy! It was great :) But oh man! Saying goodbye to him was awfulllllll. We were both crying. He just didn't understand that even though I'm going to be so close I can't come and see him, or even call him. But I told him we can right letters so he's really happy about that! Maaan. Bittersweet moments! But he's excited to come visit us in Utah and he's going to go through the temple in a year so we'll be coming back for that :) 

Everyone else is doing really well too! The Sixtos accpeted a baptism date for the end of Feburary!!! We are so excited for them! The parents are still a little shakey on a couple of things. but the kids are awesome! So I went by last night to say goodbye to them and the same thing that they can't believe we can't really have communication. But I told them I'll be coming back for their baptism :) 

We also picked up a new investigator this week named Benny, who has problems with drugs, but really wants to change. We had a really good church tour with him where the spirit was really strong. He's also on date for the end of February! He needs a lot of work, but he has a good heart and has a lot of potential! 

Sara wasn't able to come to church this week, but will next week! She's also been hard to meet with this week, but this week will be better for them. 

I'm also missing Alexandra's baptism on Saturday :( but I might ask to see if I can come back for that, so we'll see! Maybe! 

Well I think that's about it! Just lots of goodbyes! Another chapter of the mission is ending and another beginning! Have a great week! Love you :) 

Hermana Nelson :) 

Oh and to answer your question, the exchanges that we go on are just 24 hours! We also had another one this week, and an english sister came here with me, and she loved spanish land! But I mean, who wouldn't? It's great :) 

Hermana Cortez

Hermana Barraza and Gabriel


The Cifuentes

Jorge's Baptism

Jorge's Baptism

The Sixto's

The Gutierrez's (The Ward Mission Leader and His Family)

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