Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Feliz dia de accion de gracias! :)
Yay! Thanks we're excited to get them :) We still don't really know what we're doing for Thanksgiving, we've had some people offer to have us come over, so we just have to figure out timing cause we'll probably be having like 3 dinners haha we're going to be stuffed! But I don't really know if it's Thanksgiving food or what, we'll see!
This week was pretty good! We had multi zones which is always super good! But holy cow I Sis. Glenn and I got asked to do part of the training so we were nervous all week, but I think it went pretty good! The main focus on the meeting was being more personable, with everyone and getting more referrals from people. It was all really good and I can still feel how the work is switching over. It's exciting, but sometimes it's a hard transition! We aren't supposed to just walk up to people and introduce ourselves anymore, we have to have a normal conversation with them first, tie it into the gospel, and then we can. Sometimes it's kind of hard, but it's a lot better! I had a really awkward one though with this guy that was getting in his car and I had nothing to go off of by what he was wearing, kids, or any other clues, the only thing was his car had a picture of him on it cause he's a realtor, so I asked him it it was him and then just started talking about houses and he thought I wanted to see the house haha little awkward. We were dying laughing after. But I'm sure we'll get better at it! Hopefully! Haha!
Investiagtor wise it's still pretty slow. I don't know why it's just been so dead lately. Sometime the days just kind of drag. But we're working hard we know it will pay off! We ended up dropping Jessica yesterday. She's been ignoring us. We know they're home and they don't answer. We haven't had a lesson with them in 2 weeks. We have no idea what happened! Super sad.
But! Luckily Monica said she did like it! Sometimes she's kind of hard to read though, so hopefully that was true! But they didn't come to church :( we don't know why either cause we stopped by and had a lesson before church and said they were coming, so we'll see!
Gloria did come to church though! So that was good! She's so hard to teach though! She gets very distracted and her level of understanding is very low, so it will take a lot of work! We did get to help her with her Christmas decorations though and set up her christmas tree! So that was fun!
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and remember how much we have been blessed with! We really have it soooooooooo good! I am so so grateful for the life I have been given, that I've grown up in this gospel and that I have the priviledge to share it with others! Something that I've been doing as well is keeping a gratitude journal and it's incredible! And on the days that it's harder to be grateful, I go back through and read it and it makes me really all the many blessings I have! Have fun eatin some Turkey, but don't forget to recognize who all our blessings are from! Love you!
Hermana Nelson :)

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