Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Hiiiii! :) haha I'm glad you liked last weeks letter, today's might not be as exciting. It was kind of a slower week. We picked up some people this week, and they dropped us before the week was over ha so that was fun! Everyone else we were having a harder time seeing.  

We weren't able to see Gloria this week because she had surgery, so she also wasn't able to come to church, but she called us to see if we could give her a ride to the bank, and obviously we can't cause it's the mission call, but we found someone to take her from the ward which was really good! She thought it was the best thing ever and always calls us her little angels haha.But we should be going over this week to help her and teach her. Thanks so much! Keep praying for her! And now that she will get better so she can come to church! 

We weren't able to have a lesson with Jessica all week, but we finally talked to her saturday and they were all set for coming to church, we got a ride fore them and everything and they weren't there! So we have no idea what happened! We were super bummed! Hopefully this week they will come!

BUT! We had an awesome lesson of the Plan of Salvation with Monica, really focusing on where her husband is and that she can be with her family forever. She loved it! Which was good cause we also found out that she has been studying with Jehova witnesses... but she asked us if we celebrated Christmas and we said yes, so I think she picked us ;) haha just kidding. It was totally the Plan of Salvation! The spirit was really strong! And she came to church! YAY :) With the less active member that lives with her! So that was good! But holy cow. Hopefully she liked it. It was a really weird Sunday for an investigator to come to. Things just kept happening. Sis. Glenn and I were dying the whole time. I'm just thinking, "what is Monica thinking right now?" So hopefully she'll come back.. ha. That's pretty much all of our investigators right now. We're still doing a lot of finding, going through the potentials that we have. But I know we will find the elect as we keep working hard :) 

It's been snowing? Daaang. That's crazy! I can't even imagine anymore. I'm so cold here all the time and it hasn't dropped below the 60's. I'm a wimp for sure haha  

Something that President Mullen challenged us to do before Christmas is to read the 4 gospels, and as I've been doing it, it's been amazing! I've read through the New Testament before, but as I have really been studying it, and really focusing on the character of Christ I feel more and more like I know him. So I'm extending that challenge to you and the family to read them before Christmas too! It's like 4ish pages a day! Not bad at all! I know as we read about the Savior's life, ministry and teachings, we will become more like him :) Have a great week! Love you! :) 

Hermanita Nelson :) 

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