Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hooooola :) So since you guys asked about Sis. Glenn, sorry last week when we emailed I literally had been with her for like a half hour so I didn't know her at all haha but she's super awesome and I'm really excited for this transfer together! She's from Kansas, Missouri, she just barely turned 20, we actually celebrated her birthday this week! She went to BYU for a semester before the mission... I don't really know what else you want to know? haha But she's really great, we have a lot of fun :)
This week was pretty good! Unfortunately our numbers just didn't show it. No one came to church again :( So sad. We picked up some cool people this week too that we were so excited for them to come and then they didn't :( but this week is the week!
One of them is Jessica, who is a young mom with 4 kids and her husband got deported to Mexico, so she's here by herself. Super sad! I don't know how she does it! But we've had a few good lessons with her this week and I loved something she told us. She said she notices when we come, she can feel peace and tranquilidad, then when we leave it stays for a minute, then it goes. It's so cool how people can recognize the spirit! So we explained what that was and that she can have the gift of the Holy Ghost after she's baptized, and put her on date for baptism. Unfortunately she didn't come to church because she had a tutor for her kids Sundays right when church started and she doesn't have a phone to call the tutor, but once she came, she switched it for a different day so that she can come to church! So we're really excited about her :)
We've picked up a couple of other people, and legitamently our whole teaching pool is a mom with kids without the husband in the pictures. It's so weird! So I guess that's our mission right now to help all these cute little moms! We just want all of them to be friends and fellowship eachother haha
Right? I'm sill mind blown I'm still here. This whole week I've just been thinking what the reason could be for, just searching for it and praying for it. All week I was just thinking about Gloria. When we were teaching her I totally had a confirmation that I was supposed to be teaching her, then when she dropped us it was sooo hard! So I called her to see if we could eat dinner with her on Sunday since we didn't have a dinner (she's awesome and I knew she would say yes- and she did!) So all Sunday I was just thinking what we could do at the dinner and just praying that we would know if she's ready or not.
We had the dinner with her and it was so fun seeing her again! I love her! She's all taking pictures of us haha she's so funny. Then at the end we decided to sing her a hymn, "How Great Thou Art" and the spirit was so strong. She started crying. It's incredible how powerful music can be. She said that she got a call from Hermana Hernandez (member), and a text from Elder Perez, and then the call from me all this week and I just simply told her that it was no coincidence and she just starting crying more. She said she has been thinking about going back to church, but she just has so many projects around the house that she has to do, and her family doesn't help her, so she doesn't have time, but she wants to have time to come to church and read in the BOM without having to be stressed and thinking about all the other things that she needs to be doing. So we told her that we would love to come and help her so that she could. So we're going over 2-3 times a week to give her service then to teach her after!!! We're so excited :) THEN! Remember how she said she didn't like Alex's baptism? The real concern finally came out! She said that you have to bend backwards and she can't do that cause of her neck and we told her that it doesn't matter how you are baptized, it just has to be by immersion. "OHHH!" haha so that was a really good moment! I'm so excited :) So keep her in your prayers :)
Well this email turned out a lot longer then intended haha but just goes to show that there are always miralces :) I love mish life so much! It's the best! Find a way to share the gospel this week :) Have a good one! Love you :)
Hermana Nelson :)

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