Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

HEY! Happy late Halloween! Hope you had some fun! We actually got to! We watched the best 2 years and played games with all the missionaries in Corona, so it was fun! :) Thanks so much for the Halloween package! We all enjoyed it :) 

So I'm sure you're wondering about transfers! Oh goodness! So all week we were telling everyone that I was probably leaving, I started saying my goodbyes, then once we got the call, I'M STAYING IN CORONA! We shocked! Still am really! I will be here longer then I was in Perris, because of the 7 week transfer I had here! So crazy! By the time I hit my year mark, I would have only been in 2 areas! Sooo weird! So Hna. Carlson and I are adjusting to the news! But I guess there's still someone here in Corona I need to find, so I'm going to do it! 

Hna. Carlson is going to Menifee and Perris! So I was super excited about that and we are actually just switching comps with the ones there, so I got to drive down and see the old area and my old room and everything! Suuuuper weird! But Really fun! I'm excited for Hna. Carlson to be there! And! My new comp is Hna. Glenn! We actually came out together and were in the MTC together, we were just in different districts! So it's going to be fun! I'm excited :) 

So as far as our people.. 5 people dropped us Sunday morning. Little depressing. Carmen was the only one that came to church, but she's moving this week :( she's so sweet though! She'll get baptized one day I know it! And now I have someone to visit in Venezuela! So Hna. Glenn and I are going to have a lot of finding to do! To find that person that apparently still needs me here! So it will be good! Everyone else isn't super solid right now. So pray for some miracles for us! We're kind of starting over with things here, nice fresh start :) 

But! That's about it! I have a bunch of pics again though! Hope you have a great week! Love you! :) 

Hermana Nelson 

Pumpkin Carving 

Pumpkin Carving

Matching on Halloween!


Shout Out Face Masks Hailey Sent to Kylee

Saying Goodbye to Carmen

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