Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

HEY! Yeah!!! We were able to got to Alan's baptism this week, and it was AMAZING! Oh man I can't even explain how happy I was! And his wife and her family! Aw it was so great :) I can't wait til they get to go to the temple to be sealed with their baby :) One year! And it was really fun being in Corona again and seeing a lot of the ward members there. Love them! 

This week was pretty good! Jorge is doing sooo great! I'm so excited for him! We were so nervous for our lesson on this past Saturday because we weren't sure if he and his wife were actually married, and we were going to teach Word of Wisdom, and we knew that he drank and stuff. So we were praying reallllllly hard for that lesson and it was AMAZING! They are married! Which was a huge relief, and he totally accepted W.O.W.! We talked about how are bodies are temples and he loved that! (He reminded us yesterday at church that he is a temple haha.) He accepted it, and said that he was completely done with it all and it was in his past. We were so excited! He's so great! Then yesterday at church a member asked him when he's getting baptized and he said January 25th :) YAY! AND! He told us that it's his birthday! So he thought it was cool that he was literally born on that day, and will be born again on that day too :) We're so pumped :) keep praying for him! We were also able to teach one of his son's and he accepted baptism in February, but he's not as solid right now, so we'll see :) Jorge really wants his whole family to follow his example, so that's the plan! Oh and one more thing about him :) He told us that he has really seen the difference since we've been coming over and he's been coming to church. That he feels so much peace and happiness, that he knows this is right :) So precious :)

The Sixto family was planning on coming, but then when we went by their house Sunday morning, they said they were going to leave and visit one of their family members :( so we were really sad! They were only able to stay for sacrament last week, and it was kind of a weird meeting, so I'm not sure how they liked it... they said it was different.. we were able to teach them the Restoration this week, and they have a lot of doubts about it, so will work with that. We'll see! We have a family home evening with them tonight, so hopefully that's good! 

We were able to have a lesson with Ezekiel FINALLY, and it was really good, and we for sure thought he was going to come to church, and didn't :( we don't know what to do with him. We don't know if he's just lying to us or what. Cause he seems really cool, but ends up not doing anything! And apparently he still goes to his church every saturday and sunday. So we'll see :( 

We were also able to go to the temple this week! Yay! But! Unfortunately, we got there right when the session closed, so we couldn't go in :( But we were able to do initiatories for a lot of people so that was really cool! I haven't done that for over a year now, so it was really good :)

Well I hope all is going well! Happy 25th anniversary next week! (just in case I forget to say it next week!) WOO WOO! 

Oh also, I ate a cricket last week that a member gave us. hahah so that's officially the weirdest thing I've eaten so far! It took me like 10 mins to actually do it and we have it video tapped haha, very crunchy and salty. Oh how I'm grateful I serve in the States! Have a good one! Looove you! 

Hermana Nelson :) 

Temple Trip

Alan's Baptism!

Kylee Ate Some Crickets!!

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