Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

Hey! :) :)
Alright! I don't even know where to begin today! So I guess I'll start with the big news of transfers! I'm training! So that was a shock! There are so many people that haven't trained yet! So it was super unexpected! And I'm staying here! (yay!) I pick up my greenie tomorrow at the mission office, just like how it was when I got here. (which the APs just told me today that I'm driving to Riverside alone, so that will be suuuuper weird) So next week I'll let you know about mi gringa! This whole time I've just been thinking, why me? There are only 2 spanish sisters coming in and there are so many other people to do it. But I guess the one main lesson I've learned on my mission is that everything happens for a reason and the Lord directs His work! I could NEVER do this on my own, but I know it will be possible with His help. I'll just really be praying for the gift of tongues these next 2 transfers! That's what I'm mostly worried about since I've always been the Junior companion too, that if I had a spanish question I could just ask my comp, but I won't be able to turn to them anymore! So we'll see!
Hna. Dulong is going to Moreno Valley to be an STL. Called it. haha this is my 3rd comp that "I've trained" to be STL. It's like a mission joke now that I train all the STLs haha. She's going to be awesome! But we were super sad to get split! This transfer was the best! We figured Heavenly Father gave us a fun easy transfer before some difficulties up ahead. But we decided we'll be comps again :)
Oh and we're moving into a new apartment, but stil in the same complex, so I had to pack too, we're going to be living with the english sisters, so that will be fun! We still have to get that all situated though.
And! Heavenly Father is just really blessing our area! Sooo many miracles! Alex came to church again, and he is SUPER solid. He's getting baptized the 24th! I don't think I've ever taught anyone that was just so prepared it's awesome! (and so fun ;)) We just talk him word of wisdomyesterday, and he said he'll stop all of it and he just threw everything away right then. He's so cool! And he got Hna. Dulong a little present since she's leaving haha so cute! We were dying! So funny!
Then! I can't remember if I've explained Manuel, Hermana Garcia's son that has downsyndrome. He's so funny! We just love going over there, but he's getting baptized the end of the month! He's the sweetest! Love that family!
Another miracle! WE FOUND GREGORIO! He was just walking on the side of the road!!! So we decided to call him right then to see if he would anser haha and he did!!! WOO! So we have an appointment with him this week!
One more miracle! So the Elders here have been teaching Gloria, she's sooo cool! And she and I have become great little friends :) she was supposed to get baptized yesterday, but then she had a problem in her interview, so now she has to interview with President. But! The Elders are getting doubled out, and so President decided that I'm going to start teaching her, help her with everything and get her baptized in a couple weeks! So that was unexpected! But then it was really cool cause I had a dream about it the day before, and then it all made sense when I found everything out. Then I was talking to Elder Perez about it (my district leader that was teaching her) and he said he thinks they were supposed to come to plant the seed, and then leave cause I was meant to teach her, for whatever reason! It's amazing how the Lord works. Muchos milagros cada dia!
Well lots going on here! I'm super excited about the area, nervous about training, but everything is happening by the Lord's hands so I know it will all work out! Have a great week :) Love you :)
Hermana Nelson
p.s. enjoy the pic dad :) the Ruiz's dogs :)

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