Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Man! What a week! It's been sooo crazy! But so good! I got mi nina :) There were only 2 incoming sisters, and so we had the trainer/trainee meeting on Tuesday, which honestly kind of freaked me out how they kept saying how important it is to be a trainer and that what we do will influence our trainee's entire mission and life. No pressure. haha but it was also really motivating and I really am trying so hard to help her and to have fun at the same time :) Her name is Hna. Carlson, she's from Seattle, WA, she's 19 and went to UVU for a year, is the youngest of 8, she's a super hard worker and very obedient, so we get a long great! And shout out to Nicole Hales cause she reminds me just like you! You have the same voice it's scary haha but I love her to death and it's going to be a great couple of transfers! However, she didn't know any spanish before her mission, so at this point, we're relying on my spanish haha but so far so good! The gift of tongues is real, that's all I can say :)
SO! Alex. Holy cow. I love him. He is the most golden investigator I have ever had! I love teaching him! He accepts everything, he walks to church, he texts us for more chapters to read in the BOM, he's already starting doing missionary work, he tells everyone about his baptism, he is LEGIT. He has his interview on Wednesday for baptism! And is getting baptized on Sunday! Yay! So excited! And the ward as been so great with him! Yesterday he said that everyone was coming up to him and knew his name and said they were coming to his baptism. THANK YOU MEMBERS. (hint hint ;)) I'm for sure going to be more outreaching the rest of my life cause I can really see the big impact it has!
And Gloria! She's been good on living the word of wisdom! She was really bummed that she didn't pass her first interview, but we explained more about it, and she feels more at ease! She also has her interview on Wednesday and is hopefully getting baptized on Sunday as well! She's awesome. I could talk to her forever. She's like 60 and said she wants to go to cosmetology school, and of course I said YES. She's probably one of my favorite people.
Then we had another miracle of Nancy coming to church! She's 14 and she walked to church by herself! Not sure how she liked it... but still! That was a miracle!
Also, quick experience from just barely: so I've really been working on being a better conduit of the spirit and being guided in what I do and say, and while we were at Walmart waiting for the other sisters, there was a guy sitting on this other bench, and I had a prompting to go and talk to him, but we're not really supposed to OYM people in the stores, but I knew I couldn't ignore it, so I just awkwardly got up and sat by him, he only spoke spanish, and turns out this is what he is looking for! So I got his information! Just goes to show that even on p-days in Walmart, we can still be guided by the spirit. There's no time off for missionary work! (members included) Share the gospel with EVERYONE! And EVERYWHERE! They need this :) Well have a great week! Te amo muchisimoooo!
Hermana Nelson
ps one of the names was Junior, and I don't remember the other name, but we have dinner with them again Sunday, so I'll ask. And they're members. It's our 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric. Prob the coolest family here
pss I've played piano a couple of times

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