Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 27, 2014

HEEEY :) Sounds like you had a pretty great memorial day weekend! I actually thought yesterday, "hey I wonder if they're going to go to Jim's" that's funny. Just a normal day for us! Except for that fast that all the libraries were closed so we couldn't email! But it's been a good week! So Hna. Schmidt is from West Jordan! (I swear everyone is from Utah!) And she was on her mission in Chile for 10 months, then her comp got Tiberculosis (I have no idea how to spell that haha) so they reassigned her and 2 other girls to missions in the states! So her Spanish is really good so hopefully she can help me out with that! But she's great! We've already had a lot of fun! And made cupcakes yesterday! Okay let's be honest, she made them, I ate them haha. But it's going to be a good transfer! A lot of people got moved around this transfer! Like half of our zone left! And my first district leader, who is English speaking, got switched over to be ZL, Spanish speaking. So that's super funny that's he's in our ward now. Finally there's someone that knows less Spanish then I do haha! And Elder Taylor from my MTC district got sent here too! So that's going to be fun!

Oh my goodness! So we did a service project for Sarahi last week, we thought we were just helping her clean for like an hour, nope. We helped her fold clothes for 3 HOURS!!! They had 3 bins full of clothes! It was crazy! I felt like I was working at Old Navy again! haha but it was really good! We got to know her better and now she likes us and trusts us even more! They're doing pretty good, but progressing slowly. We had a lesson with the Dad, Sergio finally, but still doesn't want to change anything, but said he was going to come and bring his family to church Sunday, but then he like left early that morning. Super sad. But they love everything, they just don't like to be rushed or they start freaking out.

We picked up a really cool investigator! Maria (of course right??) we just decided to knock on her door when we were at her neighbors house and she seems super elect! She asked a lot of good, sincere questions! She's catholic but doesn't agree with a lot of the stuff they do, and her brother was baptized into the church not too long ago! And from our first lesson she's solidly on date for June 15!

On the low side, we dropped Norma this week. Aye. Soooooooooooo sad! She just keeps taking steps backwards. Hopefully us dropping her will help her realize what she's missing and will show up at the church one day. Keep praying for her!

Then on another positive note, Ernesto received the Holy Ghost Sunday :) yay! It's been a good week! The Lord's hand has been very easy to see this week! We have just been in the right place at the right time, saying the right things alllll the time! It's sooo cool! Such a blessing :) Well have a great week! Love you!

Hermana Nelson

p.s. I missed you the other when there was a huge spidey in our house and I couldn't call you to kill it. But don't worry, I made Hna. Schmidt do it ;)

p.s.s. I got proposed to the other day cause some guy wants papers hahaha

Hna. Schmidt and Kylee

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