Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

That's so cool that you got to go to the San Diego temple! Do you remember the sister missionaries names?? One of our best friends in the MTC went to San Diego! Was it Hermana Hyde?? Sounds like there's a lot of changes going on back home! So crazy! Everyone's lives need to freeze while I'm gone! haha just kidding it's fine... ;)

Oh goodness! What a week! First off, I hit my 6 month mark! Sister Schmidt put streamers and stuff everywhere for me and I celebrated by having Cap'n Crunch for breakfast (sugar cereal haha) But we had kind of a long week, and we both got a little sick which made it even more fun! How in the world I get a cold in 90 degree weather I will never know! Prob just all the people I meet! But don't worry, I took lots of meds so it wasn't that bad :)

So we had a lot of lessons, but it just felt like no one was progressing! We had an awesome lesson with Sarahi and the kids, and they all want to get baptized, but they decided that they want to wait til they move back to Mexico (which they don't even know when-4ish months) so that Sergio's dad who is a recent convert, can baptize them. So I mean it's cool that they have family there and want that, but it makes just nervous that it's so long away cause Satan works SO hard on people, especially when they're preparing for baptism! So basically Sarahi told us that she wants us to teach them and prepare them, and then they'll get baptized in Mexico. We'll see if anything changes!

We dropped some more people, met a couple of cool new people, but no one came to church! Like we had zero investigators! That's the first time that has ever happened! So Sunday morning was a little depressing. We need to figure a lot of people out and start finding some more people. BUT! I saved the best for last HOLY MIRACLE! So we got permission from President to go and see Gloria in the hospital yesterday, so 2 members took us, so we could visit them and give her a Priesthood blessing.

So we get there and she was doing a lot better! She was so happy to see us! She was just talking her head off! So cute :) Then she was just telling us miracle after miracle! We were just speechless! So we were explaining how the Priesthood blessing was going to go, that first they would put a little bit of oil on her head and she was like wait! Then she told us that when she was in her coma (she was in a coma for like 3 days) the only thing that she remembers from it is that someone put like liquid stuff on her head and she was like, "it's that oil you're talking about!!" So our jaws just dropped! Then she was going off about how she knows all of this is true, she's been telling all of her friends and family about it, then she said her sister told her that her nephew in Mexico got baptized, into "Mormons" and Gloria couldn't remember the whole name of the church, just that it was the Church of Jesus Christ, but her sister just knew it by Mormons. So then Gloria was like, "so that's the church right? Cause of the Book of Mormon!" We're like, "YEAH!" So then she was just amazed that her family in Mexico is learning all the same stuff and meeting with the missionaries over there. THEN! So they didn't have a car, and someone just like gave them a car! So then she was all excited to tell us that they can drive themselves to church now and she really hopes she can come this week! So we set them on date for the 29th and they're so excited! And obviously so are we!! We weren't expecting all of this to happen at all! Hermano Perez and Yokshas gave the blessing and the spirit was so strong in that little hospital room! She got released from the hospital last night and we're going to have a lesson with them tomorrow! MIRACLES!! Even in the midst of our mas o menos week, Heavenly Father was helping us the entire time with Gloria and her family. Never ceases to amaze me the miracles we see here! Thanks for all your prayers! Hope you have a good week! And I have a lot of pictures to send!

Hermana Nelson

ps remember how recent convert Maria bought me high heels? She also bought me a dress... haha she's a little crazy, but has the sweetest heart! so we decided to take a picture of both haha

p.s.s picture shout out to Hailey for sending me a shower cap! (selfie pics included)

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