Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hola! Buenos dias :) I did get the first package! It was great! Thanks so much! I get my prescriptions at Rite Aid now, cause there isn't a CVS close, so I don't know if I still need to call them or not? Hey that's funny you're in San Diego! That's only like an hour away from here!

This week was good! We have picked up a lot of new investigators! I have been praying that people who are ready will be put into our path, and they definitely have! And we've had a lot of like group teaching situations! Super fun cause people keep like inviting their friends and stuff to the lessons, but at the same time it's really hard cause we teach one thing one day, and then the new people are like lost so then we like need to teach the Restoration again, and the environment is hard cause there's so many people asking questions and talking. But! It's been fun!

I can't remember if I mentioned Gloria and Sam before, but we just happened to meet them when they were at their son's house, and we were just walking on that street, so we left a Harvest Blessing with them, then they gave us their address, and ended up living in the other side of our area! So super cool! So we taught them Restoration this week, and they were like super quiet and didn't really want to participate and like answer questions and stuff, so we had no idea what they were thinking! Then when I asked them if they thought it was true, they said yes, and then Gloria just opened up and said that she thinks it's true, and took it as a sign that we found them that one day, we're the only church that has actually come to her house to teach her instead of just inviting her to church, and one of her family members that we prayed for in the harvest blessing like miraculously got healed the next day so she totally knows we were there sent from God! Super cool! So they accepted a baptismal date for the 21st! But Gloria went into the hospital Saturday, not completely sure why, we were only able to talk to Sam on the phone for a little, but she's in ICU. Then we stopped byyesterday and their kids were home and they said if she waited longer she would've died! No idea what's going on, but keep them in your prayers!
Sarahi and her family are doing pretty good! Slooooowly progressing. And we just found out that they've been going to another church occasionally too? Sooo don't know what's going on there! Yaxuri really wants to get baptized though! She was begging Sarahi, "Please let me get bow-tee-sized mom!" (that's how she pronounces it haha) But Sarahi just wants to make sure and feel more ready.. so we'll keep working with them! I have some funny pictures of Yaxuri and Oscar swimming in their "pool", but I forgot them so I'll send them next week!
Well everything is going pretty great! I come home in a year from today! So crazy! Time is flying! I love being a missionary and sharing what I love with these people that I love :) It's the best! Have a great week! Go to the beach in San Diego since I can't! ha Love you!
Hermana Nelson :)

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