Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Happy Father's day yesterday Dad!! And shout out to Grandpa, Jed and Jay too! And I guess to all the fathers haha. It was a pretty good week! Not as eventful as last week though! We went on Exchanges, so I went to Moreno Valley with Hermana Oswald. She's awesome! We had sooo much fun! And our teaching just synced together it was awesome! The Spirit really guided us in all the lessons and we were able to set some people for baptism! They have a really good area! Not going to lie, it was kind of nice going somewhere care free, without having so many investigators with so many problems. When I came back and Schmidt told me all that happened in our area. I just felt the weight and burden of all these people in our area just hit me all at once. Made me really think how amazing the Atonement is when our Savior felt EVERYTHING for EVERYONE! And wow I'm so grateful for it! Because of the Atonement that burden that hit me was able to be lightened because the Savior already paid it for me! I love the people here so much, I love Perris, this is my home! But I think I'm starting to get the feeling that I'm needed somewhere else and I'm ready to move on. But we'll see what happens! We get transfer calls Saturday! At this point I'm totally fine with either outcome!

So I OYMed this guy at Rio Ranch Market that ended up being in our area, only taught him once, and then he came to church Sunday! His name is Jeff, he's 20 and he's super cool! He's really changing his life around! He's taken out his piercings and has stopped drinking already! But at church we were kind of confused cause he kept going back and forth saying like oh I don't feel comfortable here, then wow this place is great, then I don't think I'll ever become a member, then who knows maybe this is the religion for me. So we don't really know where he stands right now. We have a lesson with him Tuesday, but his desire is definitely there!

BUT. He was the only that came to church! :( Sam had surgery on his finger, so he was in a lot of pain, and Gloria went with him that day and it made her feel super weak and hurt. So they didn't come :( but hopefully next week they can! Pray for them! Which means they're off date of the baptism cause they have to go to church 3 times before they're baptized. So we'll have to set them back on for in July.

We don't really know what to do with everyone else. Yesterday we were just like, "okay we need to figure all these people out." So we prayed for help to know if these people are ready or not, and Heavenly Father definitely answered our prayers! One guy was like fighting us, so he got dropped. Then Manny, we thought we were going to be dropping him, but now he's on date for baptism in July! So! We're just figuring everyone out and if they're desire isn't there, we're dropping them, cause no one is progressing! We have no idea what's going on with Sarahi and the fam. They said that they were going school shopping in Hemet instead of coming to church... so not sure! But it's to the point where we've taught them everything so we don't really know what to do with them anymore! But the Lord has a plan for them, and for everyone of our investigators! And one day the time will be right :) Well that's about it! Have a great week! Love you!

Hermana Nelson

ps World Cup started! SO bummed I can't watch it! Of course EVERYONE here is obsessed with it! Everyone loves their Futbol! One of the members hooked us up with a sweet deal on some Mexican jerseys! (since I'm half Mexican now I have to root for them)

p.s.s we got to feed the Manzo's 10 day old puppies at dinner with them! Too cute!

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