Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

HEY! Yeah so there was an earthquake that was felt here and to LA! So it was a pretty big one! But guess what! I DIDN'T FEEL A THING! Which I was actually kind of bummed cause I've never been in an earthquake, so I want to know what it feels like! Everyone tells me I'm crazy, but I'm sure I'll have another experience with one here in So-Cal. I'm pretty sure we driving when it happened, so maybe that's why we didn't feel it? I don't even know! HAHA and that made me laugh that mom and Ariel got hit by sports balls. That's funny. Exciting stuff ;)

SO! This week was the best ever! It was all baptism prep for Saturday! Ramiro couldn't do the 2 o'clock baptism, so luckily Bishop let us do 2 in the same day! So basically Saturday was like a missionary's dream come true! We set up for the baptisms, had Yarany's, then went to the women's conference (and had in and out for dinner-YUM haven't had that in ages), then went back for Ramiro's baptism! That was my WHOLE day! What could be better right??

Both services went SO perfect! We sang Cuando Me Bautice with Elder Beeston playing the uke for Yarany's baptism which was super fun! Aw she's just the cutest! She was just beaming! OH! And Sister Williams got to come to it! So that was fun to see her! My face hurt so bad Saturdaythough cause I was just smiling and crying like all day! Good problem to have though right? The Women's conference was SO GOOD! If anyone didn't get to see it, YOU HAVE TO. Soooo good! Graham, Luna and I were just cryin the whole time! haha I'm pretty sure most people were! Then Ramiro's baptism was awesome as well! When he was in the water I was so unreal! Like what?! Little Ramiro is FINALLY getting baptized??? So amazing :) Words really can't even describe how it feels to watch baptisms. The Lord has blessed us sooo much!
Then yesterday they got confirmed! And get this, Yarany is just barely a member of the church and she came out to teach with us yesterday! She's so awesome!

Then today we had a little fun of our own! We went to the lake! Who knew ghetto Perris had a like right?? I was super curious! So we went on the beach :) It was actually really fun! So I have LOTS of pictures to send today which will probably be in multiple emails! But YEAH! Super good week! And this week in Conference! WOO WOO! Never been so pumped for Conference before in my life! Mission life changes ya that way ;) But it's also transfer weekend too! Graham and I are stressin! We want to stay together so bad! Fingers crossed! Well anyway! Have the best week:) Love you!

Hermana Nelson :)

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