Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hola:) :) I did get to see Saratov Approach before I left! Super good right? I did have a slight fear of being kidnapped for like a week, but I got over it. HAHA mom you don't have to worry, I'm not going to get kidnapped. There have been a few times when I haven't felt good about going somewhere or seeing someone at that moment and we haven't gone, so don't worry, we're letting Heavenly Father guide us :)

We had Multi-zones with Lake Elisnore Tuesday and it was AWESOME! Just what we needed to get all pumped up again! I LOVE President and Sis. Smart! I learn so much from them every time they talk! So sad this is the one and only Multi-zone I'll have with them! A ward made us lunch inbetween trainings, and then to say thank you we all stood and recited "The Standard of Truth" and then sang Army of Helaman. Oh man the spirit was so strong and I just looked around and was just taken back! Like I'm a missionary? WHAT? haha I'm just over there crying, it's fine ;) All the ladies from the ward were too haha I guess all the other missionaries are used to doing that, but it was my first time so it just struck me I guess!

So we had a hard time seeing Ramiro this week because of this INSANE work schedule, but when we finally did, we talked about his baptism foryesterday, and he kept saying it was too fast, and was looking at the calendar and picked May 10th to be baptized MAY 10TH! Oh goodness. And guess why he picked it? It's his birthday hahaha oh Ramiro! After a very long talk, lots of scriptures and bold testimonies he eventually picked March 29th! And it's super solid now! He wrote it in pen on his calendar so I was like, "Ramiro! It's in pen! You can't change it now!" And he just laughed. I love Ramiro. It really is happening though! I'm so PUMPED.

We had an AWESOME lesson with the Ferla family, we watched the Restoration video then basically told them that the spirit, the peace they feel is their answer that it's true and used D&C 6 with it. It was perfect! The Spirit was SO STRONG. They totally got their answer! BUT they didn't come to church yesterday! UH. Sometimes I want to take people's agency away! HAHA just kidding. Kind of :) But actually the daughter, Yranny did come! So that was great! She saved the rest of the family from being dropped. But it's getting to the point where we don't know what to do for them anymore. The worst part is they went to their old church. I don't know. We're seeing them tonight.

Well have a great! All is well in Perris! No more popped tires or anything ;) Love you!
Hermana Nelson

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