Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Hiiiiii :) 

Mmm that sounds good :) It's funny you mention that cause the other day Hna. Carlson and I were eating canned soup and we were saying how we miss homemade soup :) but anyway! Things are pretty good! We had a good week, then it was stake conference yesterday and no one came :'( we were super sad! For some reason it's just so hard to get people to a different time and different building! So hopefully this week we can actually get people! 

We've been picking up people and dropping people like crazy! Right now we don't really have a super solid person. We have a lot that have good potential, but are just in the early stages of things! We had a couple really great lessons with Veronica this week, she read, she still wants to get baptized, and wanted to come to church, but didn't! Wasn't home, and hasn't answered our calls! So hopefully we can find her! We have no idea what's going on!

Paulina and her kids are pretty good. We feel like we took a couple steps back with them. They have a lot of doubts about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, but it seems like their desires to know are really strong. So if they really study and pray about it, I know they'll get their answer, they just have to do it! They work like crazy though! They go in the morning, get back at 1, go back at 2 for the rest of the day. So we are having a problem seeing them and they also work on Sundays. She said she'll ask for Sundays off, so that's what we're praying for!

Yesterday, we also picked up a new family that seem really cool! We immediately clicked and they said they'll be able to come to church and are excited to learn! We have an appointment with them tomorrow! He also has a crazy work schedule though, so hopefully that doesn't get in the way of things! I swear no one here has a normal work schedule! Everyone works allllll the time! It's ridiculous! 

ALSO! Big news! Elder Evans came to our mission this past week, and we had a really good conference with him! It was SO GOOD! I can really feel the whole missionary work making a turn for the better! We learned a lot about working with members, and how to build better relationships with people to help them progress. Making things more personal! I'm really excited about all of it! And guess what! No more OYMs! Well no more of 10 OYMs a day, and having to go to the parking lot! It's so weird still! We don't have to count all the people we talk to it, which is a lot better cause I feel like it  makes everything more quality! They also came down on NO Harvest Blessings! Which is going to be weird, but better so then we can know earlier on if people are actually interested in the message! I also liked something that he said, to act as if you were a general authority. I've been thinking about that a lot in how I talk to people. It was a really good! He's awesome! 

Everything going good! We're just working super hard that we've been trying to get in bed by 10 all this week just cause we're so exhausted! Thanks Dad :) I can't believe I'm going to be 20, it's mind blowing. I'm so old haha Well have a fabulous week! :) Love you!! 

Hermana Nelson

p.s. we got to play soccer last week for the first time on my mission and it was soooo fun ;) 

Celebrating Kylee's Birthday at the Waffle House

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