Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hola! :) Have to say, that corny joke was pretty good. I giggled here in the library haha. Sounds like a lot of changes in the ward! I won't even recognize it when I get back! I can't believe school is getting out and everything! So crazy!

SOOO. This week. Yikes. It's been a rough, rough week. So Norma was doing SUPER good keeping the Word of Wisdom and everything, it had been almost a week, she was set for her baptism for the 27th, and then we dropped by one day, and she was outside smoking and drinking. DAGGER to the heart. Oh man. We were all just crying! After a really long painful visit, she committed to live it again. But! That meant she couldn't get baptized this week. She's trying super hard, but she's had a really hard life that she just wants to forget about. We're still working with her and see her everyday. She's back on date for this next Sunday, but she needs a lot of help!

Then! Sarahi. Oy. So! Tuesday night I had a dream about Sara Luz (their special needs daughter) and she drowned...I woke up and I was just scared! (which has been the first scary dream on my mission, it was super weird) Then for the next 3 days, every time we went over to their house, they weren't there or they were like ignoring us, like we had NO idea what was going on! We were SO stressed! She wasn't answering our calls or texts or anything! And we were preparing her for her baptism for Sunday as well! But since we couldn't even see her, that didn't happen. Then on Saturdaythey FINALLY opened the door! She said that Tuesday Sara Luz had like this operation thing and it like makes her sick? So she has to stay with her 24/7 cause when she throws up it like drowns her... so that was really weird! Had a dream about her that night that she drowned.. hmm I guess I'm psychic! But she's starting to get better, so we'll be meeting with them regularly again this week!

THEN. Oh my goodness. So Jesus has been gone back east for the past 2 weeks right? We'd text him everyday, he was still reading and doin good and everything. Tuesday he said he was getting back late Saturday night, just in time for his baptism Sunday! So he said he was excited for it, the whole bit. Then he wouldn't answer our calls or texts ever since Saturday!! SO STRESSED! He wouldn't even answer us about the program or anything! So we made the program ourselves, and just had to do everything by faith! Then Sunday morning he didn't come to church. So the Elders drove up there during sacrament meeting (we had other investigators we were helping with) and they came back and said he was sick, but he was going to be there for his baptism at 7. So we had peace of mind, then went over after church, and he wasn't there. Didn't answer our phone call or text. Then finally at 3, he texted us and said sorry for the delay, and all this stuff. LONG, very stressful story short, he was in Riverside getting things ready for his new house, so we texted him the baptismal interview questions so he would be ready for his interview right before the baptism, he passed, he was super excited, everything! So Then at 6, we're at the church, had everything set up, the font is filled, and then he texts us again and says he wasn't going to make it back by 7. Yikes. Another LONG very painful story short, we kept delaying it, waiting for him, encouraging him, all the people were on standby, all the Elders and Luna are at the church with us helping us. We were there til 9, and then he just stopped texting us and didn't answer our calls. Oh my goodness. Most painful thing ever unplugging an unused font. Words can't even describe. And we still haven't heard from him. We have no idea what's going on. We're going over today, so hopefully we can figure everything out.

Sorry for the long email! But PLEASE just keep all these people in your prayers! Satan is working sooo hard! It's been rough, but I know miracles can still happen! Mission life isn't easy, but it's more then rewarding! We did get to finally have another lesson with Ramiro since his baptism and he's just still glowing! Made us SO happy! It's changes like that, that make it all worth it! And all these people will have these same changes! This is the week! :) Have a great week! Love you!

Hermana Nelson

ps I learned how to make homemade tortillas :) Super fun and super good! Look forward to that when I get home ;)

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