Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

YO! Sorry I just barely missed you on email last week! But thanks for checking out everything with my account. That lesson sounds like fun! It's always good to get everyone involved like that! So weird that I missed all of winter there! And I can't believe it's going to get hotter here. It's hot!! But I love it!

So this week was CRAZY! I've learned A LOT about myself this week. Sis. Williams has been pushing me hard! Which is good, cause I'm learning and growing a lot, but it's straining, and it's difficult! Once I accepted that, that's how it's going to be, guess what happened?? The most unexpected thing that no one was expecting! We got call from President Saturday morning and we were like what the... transfer weekend, but training is for 2 transfers so we weren't even worried about it or anything. So yeah Sis. Williams is going to Riverside today! HUGE curve ball! So I'm going to have 2 moms (your trainer is your mom). Everyone was shocked and even President said he wasn't expecting it. So, I'm taking over the area! Scary right? But I don't know, I guess Heavenly Father trusts me with this brand new area for some reason! My new comp is going to be Hermana Graham, who is currently serving in Lake Elsinore and I spent a day with her when Hna. Williams stayed home from the car crash, and she's soooo sweet! I'm excited about it! So she's coming here in a few hours! Everything happened so fast! When I look back, this transfer was crazy! Doubled in, opened a new area, car crash, struggling with Spanish, getting pushed hard, and now my trainer is leaving and it's in my hands. But I know Heavenly Father has a plan for both Hna. Williams and I, and for what ever reason, we were only meant to be together for half of my training! But this is supposed to happen, so we'll see!

BUT! I'm super pumped about this area! We've definitely built this area and the harvest is beginning! We have a few super legit people and they're awesome! So I'm really glad I'm staying with them! The picture of the family that I'm sending is the Ferla family and I love them to death! They are awesome! But they haven't been keeping commitments, so we decided to go over every night this week before they go to bed, just for a few minutes and read the BOM with them. So we went over last night and Victor (the dad) Was like, "I've never seen the family so excited to have company over. We've been looking forward to you guys coming all day!" And they are so cute that they made us cupcakes for the occasion haha they're super sweet! And the reading was awesome! I'm excited to go over the rest of the week!

Then we started teaching this couple the Monroys, and they are totally already members! Like they said they were coming to church with us Sunday before we even asked them! They're soooo cool! But they are talkers so it's always hard to get out of there! They're funny! But yeah they're accepting everything and came to church, I'm sooo excited for them!

OH! We went to the temple Tuesday! Aw it was the best! It's like the smallest temple ever! But oh man I seriously miss going to the temple so much! We go every other transfer, so I won't get to go for a while! So everyone take advantage of living in Utah and living so close to so many temples! Such a blessing!

Anyway, I think that's pretty much it! Everyone smile and have a good week :)
Hermana Nelson
p.s. y'all should try nutella on blueberry begals.. My new addiction.. :)

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