Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Happy late Valentine's day! Hope it was fun for everyone! There was like no one home on Valentine's day, which was expected. Then we had english class and only two people showed up. So that was my Valentine's day! Sounds like Stake conference was awesome! I'm sad I couldn't be there for it! That's an incredible story about that family! You finally got the letters?? Wow! I sent them probably a week before Christmas? That's funny! Guess that means I just have a lot of letters sitting in Mexico for me!
This week was good! The weather finally picked up and it has been hot! In the 80's and 90's! Gettin tan ;) which reminds mean, everyone thinks I'm either Latino or French? Like what the? But I get that allllll time! So it's pretty funny when people ask what nationality I am and I'm like uhhh American? Maybe it's cause I'm not blonde anymore! I have no idea!
Hermana Williams got her brace off this week and is now independent! Woo woo! And it was her year mark this week, so as celebration we burned her brace at Luna's! So fun! I've missed camp fires! (pictures included ;)
So we dropped more of our investigators (all the ones that were our Februray baptisms. :() So that was sad! Then Cruz dropped us through someone else? Her baptism was set for this week and she just told her friend that she doesn't want to get baptized and she's always going to be catholic. So I guess she was just lying to us the whole time? I don't know. Here we thought she was super legit, and yeeeeah. But we've picked up 7 new investigators this week! Hopefully all this just means that the elect are coming forth! WHICH! Oh my goodness I have a cool story! So yesterday after we went to the Elder's Baptism, Luna came out with us teaching, and both of our set appointments weren't home. We only had like an hour left til we needed to go home and we still needed one more Member Present Lesson to hit standard this week. So we were debating about just going up to these guys playing basketball and just get a quick one there, but then realized that it would just be about getting the number so we decided against it. So we went back to the car and Sister Williams was like, "alright Sister Nelson. You need to recieve revelation for us." So I said a prayer that we would know who to go and see and was looking at some names, and decided that Javier and Celest stuck out. So we went to go see them, but had a hard time finding the number of the house cause it was in a trailer park. Then we found the number on a mail box so we were still confused. So we prayed again, then got out of the car and at that exact moment this guy walked up to the fence and we asked him if he knew Javier, AND IT WAS JAVIER! He invited us to come to his house, which was a camping trailer in the back yard of some else's trailer. Like we would have NEVER found it! We all just looked at each other like whoa did all that really just happen?! Then we left a harvest blessing with him and his wife and it was the most powerful one I've been in! Celest is just bawling, Luna and I are tearing up, it was sooo strong! They need this gospel so badly right now! Which I definitely know that the Lord wanted us there for them! It was an amazing feeling that we were instruments in the Lord's hand in finding His children who live in the boonies with no phone, no house number nothing! So I'm really excited about working with them! They're sweethearts! Sorry this was so long, but y'all know I have to give details in my stories ;) anyway! Have a great week and strive more to recieve revelation and be an instrument in the hands of the Lord! Love you guys!
Hermana Nelson :) aka the unknown nationality girl ;)

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